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Marquee's Got Balls

By MikeE on Saturday, 8th January 2011 4:40am
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Not too long ago, I compared Marquee to XS deeming Cosmopolitan's nightlife offering a worthy competitor to Encore's reigning king. I think it's safe to say that Cosmo is all too aware of this fact.

You see, nightclubs don't try to overtly compete with one another. In fact, they avoid competition. No really. It's a given that they're all open on the weekends and do more than enough business to go around, but on the weekdays when big spending tourists are scarce, the latest club to open in Vegas usually finds a weeknight that's underserved by a dated offering.

Allow me to share a few examples. Back in the days, Foundation Room was the only place to be on Monday nights. It caused a revelation in the nightlife industry - weeknights were in fact lucrative. Bellagio's Light took over Sundays, PURE at Caesars was the spot on Tuesdays, Tangerine (eww) at TI on Wednesdays, and Thursdays belonged to Tao at Venetian. Needless to say, when Jet at Mirage came to town, there wasn't room for another weeknight. So what did they do? They went after the now dated Foundation Room and ate into their Monday night business.

And that's what LAX did to Tangerine (and subsequently Christian Audigier) on Wednesdays until Surrender rolled into town. Moon and Playboy Club took much of PURE's market share on Tuesdays while Wynn's Blush fed off the rest of the table scraps. Tryst and Haze have rendered Tao's Thursdays a relative ghost town. And XS? XS turned Monday nights at Jet into about as much fun as a stop in Baker.

Historical evidence would suggest that Marquee's big weeknight would fall on Tuesdays where they could easily grind the final stake into weekend nightlife secne at Palms and Caesars, right? Nope. Marquee isn't searching for leftovers. The folks at Tao Group have got balls bigger than four foot tall beachballs and are shooting straight for the top of the market.

Thursday night hotspots Tryst and Haze will definitely feel the squeeze as Marquee accepts early weekenders. But that's not the big news. The real shocker is that they're going directly after XS on Monday nights. XS! Direct competition against the self-proclaimed most successful nightclub in the world! Any other club on any other night of the week would easily fold to Cosmo's mega venue. This is cutthroat competition of the highest caliber.

Marquee's got balls. Balls that take on The Balls That Take On Life.

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Comments & Discussion:

OMG Mike! WTF is with that link? I think you found the cure for my gayness. Seriously gross.

But yes... Marquee... XS... Mondays... etc. ;P

Good...now I'll go to Tao and Jet on Mondays and Thursdays and hopefully they won't be so sardine can full with a line half way around the goddamn building.

I'm sure none of these clubs go empty on any night

I was watching for Marquee's weeknight announcement as well, but I think their decision to go with Monday was purely a practical business decision more than any kind of challenge to XS.

Of the four major operators in town (AMG, Light, Tao, Wynn) it's true none of them ever promote their OWN venues against each other on weeknights (Mon/Tue/Wed), but they do regularly compete between themselves.

Right now 2/4 promote on Monday, while 3/4 + Palms promote on Tuesday, and all 4 promote on Wednesday.

Tao group already has an established industry night on Tuesday at Lavo, and until now Monday was the ONLY night of the week that they had nothing open.

Given all that, Monday was really the only night they could have chosen without shaking up Lavo's schedule (and why go to all that trouble when MMarquee MMondays rolls off the tongue so nicely?)

I think if anything their strategy regarding XS will be to provide friendly competition on Monday nights, and both will tacitly work in tandem to establish Monday as the new 'elite' night to go out in Vegas, as opposed to Marquee having any kind of ambition to steal their business or run them into the ground.

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