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VegasEats: The Wicked Spoon Buffet at The Cosmopolitan

By Blackjacker1979 on Friday, 7th January 2011 4:03am
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Wicked Spoon Entrance

Twas a dark and foggy evening when myself and our favorite internet scavenger Mac3.14159 decided it was time to sample yet more of the fare offered by the freshly christened Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. After more than one sampling of the "secret" pizza, splitting the taco (You DON'T split the taco!) at China Poblano, and the samplings of the opening night gala, we wanted something simple and fast, the brand new Wicked Spoon seemed ripe for the picking.

Wicked Spoon Register

The Wicked Spoon is located on the same floor as the other dining options, down an unmarked hallway where two gigantic shoe sculptures sit, through another lobby area and down another hallway that contains some more interactive art works.

Wicked Spoon Chandelier

The dining room, much like the rest of the Cosmopolitan, is decorated in gorgeous orange and yellow lit hues against dark wood accents. One of the main visual attractions of the room is a hand blown spiral glass chandelier (spiral staircase / chandelier - sense a trend?). Scattered throughout the room are a number of fascinating, food inspired paintings and lithographs. Enough about that, bring on the food!

Wicked Spoon Veg

In order to get a good sampling of the fare, I strapped on a small feedbag portion from each station. Round one, salads, did not disappoint. To the top of the plate is a freshly hand tossed BLT salad featuring chopped romaine, Roma tomato, thick cut bacon and a spicy ranch dressing. The salad was crisp and crunchy, and all the flavors blended to that BLT consistency, complimented nicely by the peppery ranch. Next on the left was a Vietnamese salad topped with some freshly sliced beef and garnished with peanut and a light vinaigrette. It had all the flavor of a bowl of lemongrass beef at my favorite Vietnamese joint and was utterly delicious. It should be noted that all items at the Wicked Spoon are featured on small plates, no huge bins. This means fresh salads are constantly going out and nothing can get super stale. This includes the focaccia bread with fresh butter on the lower right.

Wicked Spoon Soup

Round two was super simple, a Watercress cream soup. Each of the soups and some of the sides are served in super cute mini-sauciers which keep everything warm from the inside, not via heat lamp. The soup was delicious, light and fresh. Yum. Also to note, at the time of this visit, none of the food had labels.

Wicked Spoon Roll

For round three I ventured to the eastern side of the buffet, which featured Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dishes. To the left, a simple pork fried rice which was fresh and delicious without being at all heavy or oily. I followed it up with three freshly made pieces of California roll, which were sweet and fresh, not gooey, bland or rubbery like some buffet sushi can be. Additionally the beef rib at the bottom was perfectly cooked with just enough char to add flavor to the garnish and still be moist, tender, and flavorful within.

Wicked Spoon Mac

Round four (yes I know, I'm a glutton for punishment) was a delve into the American comfort food kitchen. To the right was a delicious macaroni and cheese bake topped with panko bread crumbs and crisped to ooey, gooey, cheesy perfection. The bottom is a lemon herb grilled chicken breast topped with a potato and corn ragout. It was absolutely light and phenomenally delicious. The mashed potatoes were an abomination, every meal can't be perfect. Enough said.

Wicked Spoon Sweets

To finish off the meal, the group sampled from the vast dessert bar. The gelato was simply some of the best I've had outside of Italy, with my choices of tiramisu, key lime, and salted caramel with peanut being superb. Homemade fudge in a variety of flavors is moist and chewy and super filling - go easy on it! The inverted cheesecake (pink topping) is light and delicious - a fun take on a staple dessert, as was the tiramisu in its chocolate tulip cup. Rounding out the scrumptious dessert was a mini opera cake that was every ounce as good as any I've had from a high end bakery.

If you're hungry for a great meal, or are a buffet fan, you can't go wrong with The Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. This was easily one of the best buffets I have had outside of the fantastic Studio B at the M Resort. Grand total for one for dinner, $35 with tax and tip out the door. Not bad for the biggest stomach stretch I had during my trip. Oh yeah and did I mention they serve Coke Zero on tap? Score!

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Comments & Discussion:

Looks good. where'd the Ts in the BLT salad go? Also, did Mac get pi?

Hi Mac!

Dammit! I am ABSOLUTELY DIGGING everything about the Cosmo! I cannot wait to stay there. It looks awesome from all sides...rooms...casino....nightclub...restaurants..I love it.

I have to say, a very nice review for a buffet and I'm definitely intrigued by the portion style they seem to be going with. I think I need to add it to the list for next trip. Just two questions, price for buffet or at least ballpark figure, even though I know it could very well change so early in. The other question I have was what time of day did you eat, lunch service, dinner? If you mentioned it I missed it in the review.

@jinx he went for dinner and the price was $35 plus tax, tags and smog check.

Looks interesting so I may have to check the place out. Everything looked delicious. I wonder what the breakfast and lunch choices are since I dont do buffets for dinner.

Great Review!

Jinx, I remember it being $21-$23ish for lunch. I thought $27-$29 for dinner pre-tax, tip, etc.

We hit wicked spoon twice, and I believe it to be the primary culprit in my holiday weight gain.

I'm a buffet slob and I can't imagine a Vegas trip without a meal here. It's also hard to imagine paying Wynn/Bellagio prices for those buffets again.

Hi Chuck! BigHoss, no pi.. sorry :)
This was the best buffet I had in a long time, plus our hostess Kathy was awesome!

That does look like one incredible buffet. I'm definitely wanting to hit at least one spot at the Cosmopolitan for a meal my next trip. Is The Wicked Spoon open for breakfast or offers a brunch on the weekends?

Vespajet, the Spoon is open for breakfast and brunch daily.

Also, the plan is to hold off on food labels as long as possible, to foster interaction between diners and chefs/servers. Every employee had to pass written menu tests anf should be able to answer questions related to ingredients and allergies.

Lastly, like every outlet at Cosmopolitan, the Spoon has its own specialty drinks and wine list, G drinks and 8 wines.

Wait..they have BRUNCH daily?? I'm a sucker for brunch. I wish everywhere served brunch all the time

Wow, that's cheaper than Fogo de Chao and it looks a lot better.

The buffet in my opinion is a barometer of a hotel.Wynn/The Buffet.Excalibur/Roundtable and the once great Bally's and the once great Sterling.The offerings look great like the watercress soup in the mini-sauce pan yum,the ribs yum.This review and pics definitly sold me on my next visit.A booth please,no wooden chairs.

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