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Alex at Wynn Closing January 15th

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 6th January 2011 4:07pm
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The rumors running rampant on the Twittersphere, that Alex - the Michelin star winning French restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas - will be closing has been confirmed to us as true by Wynn VP of PR Jennifer Dunne.

The closing of Alex is "a business decision taken in response to demand from our guests. The space will be converted into an exclusive, unique setting for special events." Alex' final service will be January 15th.

We can confirm Chef Stratta will remain at Wynn Las Vegas operating Stratta restaurant.

We dined at Alex on Thanksgiving Day and it was a truly fabulous meal. Due to Cosmo opening time-crush constraints, I have yet to publish the review. I'll try and get that posted ASAP for those who might be interested in getting in there in the next week.

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Comments & Discussion:

What? The space will be converted into an event space? I'm surprised they didn't turn it into another club.

Super sad panda.

Very sad news. My favorite restaurant in Vegas. At least I dined there a few times; and did the full tasting menu once. I also have an uber-custom special partial tasting memorialized in photos. Sherry from 1910. Epic!

I lied, it was actually a Madeira from 1910; that I enjoyed with my cheese course. Had to look up the photo and the notes.

Very bummed to hear this news. I never got a chance to go

Article about Alex closing in today's Las Vegas Weekly:

Any word on what will happen to the amazing staff aside from Chef Alex himself? The PR spin will probably be that they will be offered jobs at other F&B outlets at Wynncore, but since that could mean washing dishes for room service, a lot of them may just take unemployment and/or move out of town.

I guess it didn't take long for vespajet's 2011 "At least one high-end restaurant on the Strip will shutter its' door due to the continuing economic situation" prediction to coem true.

It also makes me think that if Wynn's clientle wasn't enough to support Alex (or arguably Daniel Boulud for that matter), and with the recent downgrading of Fleur de Lys to "Fleur" and Silk Road eliminating dinner service, there is reason to be concerned about the future of places like Guy Savoy, Joel Robuchon, Twist, Shaboo, E at Jaleo, miX, etc.

I can't wait for the Food Court to open!!

I suppose "special events" is just is a fancy way of saying they are just going to abandon the space and leave it decorated as-is until something better comes up. As I was reading this I thought for sure it would say "The space will be converted into an exclusive, unique NIGHTLIFE VENUE." Maybe I'm being a little over dramatic, but it seems this, combined with the introduction of resort fees and the opening of the Beach Club represents the downfall of Wynn from its original high class luxury ambitions, into more of a high end Hard Rock - "Pay to party here" kind of place.

Maybe I can afford the replacement?

Nah, think again. They don't even know what they're going to do with the space yet, and they're already throwing around the word "exclusive."

I can't believe Alex Stratta will stay with Wynn very long. With his reputation and skills, operating Stratta won't be enough to keep him, and I don't see him having interest in Macau, even if Steve offered him something there. He gained fame in the Southwest and will likely move to a venue in Southern California.

In the meantime, Alex will operate as a very high end room for relatively small business/corporate dinner events and casino parties for the highest of high rollers. Alex's decor may remain the same, but if it's run by banquet staff, it will be a sad shell of its former greatness.

I'm surprised at some of the stuff I read that supposedly came from Wynn PR, that guests just aren't looking for a high end French dining experience. ???? if that's the case and what Wynn believes, then I'd dare say that the continued oomph, oomphization of Wynncore may continue much to the chagrin of many.

I am really sad to see Alex close. I proposed to my wife at Alex in August of 2008, and then surprised her with a Salon suite full of friends fand family that flew down to surprise her for an engagement party. I would have loved to return there on our trip in July now that we're married, but it sounds like we won't have the chance. Too bad.

In other, less upsetting, news - Beso at Crystals is bankrupt:
"The restaurant ... projected ongoing losses of $76,000 per month."

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