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Veer Condo Walkthrough Videos

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 30th December 2010 4:30am
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Ever wanted to wander through a Veer Condo? Here's the one bedroom:

Warning: If you have a low threshold for listening to loud annoying chix, turn off the volume. Guarantee: These ladies' description of the Cosmopolitan is hysterical.

^^ $500k+ = no way!

vv $800k+ = no way!

And here is the 2 bedroom:

How much would you pay for a Veer Condo?

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Comments & Discussion:

"How much would you pay for a Veer Condo?"

$130 on weekdays, $185 on Fri/Sat.

^^ good answer.

Two questions:
1. How much would you pay to shut those people up?
2. How much would you pay for an HD camera? I paid $149!

The two bedroom unit is actually one of the better condos I've seen. It's residential with just enough Vegas kitsch. Kind of what I was hoping Cosmo's rooms would feel like to be honest.

I know I'm in the minority, but if I were a single, hot shot casino host or upper level manager at Aria or Cosmo, I'd seriously consider Veer despite the asking price.

mike, i like them too. i'd love to have a condo in town to hole up and write a book in after nights of insanity. the problem is that i'm a hotel room whore. i love em more than cocktails at 4:59am.

MinVegas fixed the video's audio issue (worth it):


Is this a pilot for the Real Housewives of Veer Towers? If I lived nextdoor to these yentas, I'd rip a piece of rebar out of the wall and puncture my own eardrums. That is, if Veer were built with rebar.

Stop the second video at 2:49 to get a gander at the loudest of these clucking hens.

Pardon me while I puke. Those three are enough to make me never come back to Vegas.

I feel bad for that real estate agent. He just wants to sell a condo and he has to put up with these women. He looks like a beaten man. I would love to hear what he tells the guys back at the office.

someone ought to stick something down those chicks throats

Not bad units at all, but for some reason I have a feeling they all did a few 8-balls of blow before coming up with the brilliant idea to film these videos.
Though, I am not sure if I'd like that view of the Aria's front airport terminal to look at. That porte cochere still looks like it's under construction.

Is that a real salesman??

Hilarious here. Buy, Skybunny, buy! And bring all your friends!

I'm going to have to switch over to "Private Browsing" when visiting VegasTripping. The girls in this video are one of the reasons my girlfriend isn't crazy about Vegas. If she stumbles upon this, it's going to be more ammo in her cache.

Aw c'mon, if there's room here for: "tourists, locals, PR/marketing spies, spambots, podcasters, hardcores, Floridians, stockholders, a-holes, video poker campers, coffee pot pissers, drunkards, purple nosers, slot whisperers, snobs, anti-snob snobs, four legged sleep farters (ferrets included), ten splitters, coupon slingers, legitimate journalists, dice blowers, garden variety everything haters and our loyal contingent of Royal Canadian Mounted Bourbon Drinkers" -- not to mention the "satiated, liberated Teutonic sheepherders" and "mop headed Liverpudlians" among us, and even drooling retards like yours truly, then there's gotta be room here for coke-sniffling skybunnies with money to burn. Big Tent, people!

Okay, if I was told that I was to show off condo's at the price that Veer is asking and one of the people was drinking out of a Sbarro's cup then I would know from the start that they arent buying anything and are killing time. The salesman probably went back to the office after dealing with these three and grabbed the first alocoholic beverage he could find.

Worst video walkthrough ever.

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