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Marquee Nightclub: All The Details You Ever Wanted To Know

By MikeE on Thursday, 30th December 2010 1:42am
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Cosmopolitan Marquee Nightclub Entrance

The XS killer?

Pardon yet another comparison to a Wynncore product, but there isn't a nightclub in town that's not gunning for XS. And for good reason. Encore's offering is exquisitely designed, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and features indoor/outdoor spaces to take a breather and vary the vibe. I felt as though XS had no competition and was the only venue of its kind I'd even consider visiting.

That all changed the day before Cosmopolitan opened. JohnH and I received a tour of Marquee, their new dayclub/nightclub project. Shortly after the Brandon Flowers concert, we also experienced a very soft, very uncrowded after party taste of how the space would work in operation. To summarize, after two years at the top of the market, I think XS will now have a viable competitor.

Cosmopolitan Library

First, the details. Marquee is 62,000 total square feet of indoor/outdoor space comprised of three separate rooms and 200 total tables. The moment you step off the elevator, you're greeted by a bar - a Tao Group staple we were told. Snake your way to the other side of the elevator corridor and you'll find the main room with a relatively small dance floor and a 40-foot tall wall made of thousands of LED lights. The capabilities of this display are incredible, rivaled only by the strip side Cosmopolitan marquee (hardy har har). The wall frames the DJ at the center of the action while above him, two levels of catwalks feature the club's own go-go dancers. We were also told that a 10 x 10 foot LED "draw bridge" will drop over the DJ with lights below it and even more go-go dancers on top. The entire space is topped by an absurdly large disco ball that lowers towards the dance floor throughout the night.

Cosmopolitan Library

Off on one end of the main area is the "Boom Box" room. Sexy, sultry, and intimate, it features several booths, a separate bar, and windows looking out towards CityCenter. We were told that in an effort to cater to everyone's tastes, this room will always play a different genre of music than the main dance floor. Meh. To us, it all sounds like *oontz* *oontz* *oontz* after five drinks and ringing ears.

But Marquee's got an answer for that, too. Speaking of easing your overstrained eardrums, on the opposite end is "The Library" accessed via a catwalk that runs behind the gigantic LED wall where you can look out through the mesh of the lights and onto the main dance floor. It's incredibly cool. The Library is designed to cater to those of us who aren't into the typical nightclub atmosphere. Dark, rich mahogany woods surround overstuffed leather chairs, a pool table, fireplace, and shelves upon shelves of vintage books about Las Vegas and gambling. It's a speakeasy short of a peephole at the door asking you for a password. The masculine décor highlights a bar where classic cocktails will be the specialty. The best part? We were told that the music will actually be quieter in here; something tells me that this will be where I'll be spending the majority of my time.

Cosmopolitan Marquee

But despite how awesome The Library looks, by far the smash hit of Marquee is going to be the outdoor space. Each cabana has a private infinity pool surrounding one large community pool. Pictures weren't allowed but Chuckmonster snuck in and took them when nobody was looking. Keep in mind that the space has not been furnished yet.

Cosmopolitan Library

Cosmopolitan Library

That's a freakin' private cabana! That means nobody else pees in that pool except you and your party!

Cosmopolitan Bungalows

On the opposite end of the pool are the ten bungalows we've been hearing rumblings about. Contrary to earlier beliefs, these are not the same villa-level type accommodations that Wynn and Bellagio place their big whales in, but rather, are designed for people interested in being part of Marquee's atmosphere from the moment they check in. The 1,695 square foot lofts are on three stories with their own cabana on the ground level, living quarters on the second, and an additional 750 square foot terrace with private pool on the third. Room rates have yet to be announced, but it should go without saying that even at half the size, their appeal will probably have them out pricing the top floor penthouses.

Cosmopolitan Marquee

Local industry night has not been confirmed nor have bottle prices, though we were told they'd be competitive with the rest of the major clubs in town - think $400-$450 for 750mL of the premium stuff per three guys over a weekend night. A couple private parties will be held there before a "limited engagement" on New Years Eve. The official premier is the night of New Year's Day. The dayclub component will open in early spring.

So will it work? Will it unseat XS from the top spot? Marquee certainly has seemingly infinite amounts of wow factor, but I foresee two glaring problems: symmetry and service.

Cosmopolitan Marquee

Riddled with back doors, stairs, and dark, narrow hallways leading from one room to the next, "flow" is going to be a major issue. A bar right where the elevator doors open might be a Tao tradition and a symbolic beginning to a good time, but in reality, it's a gigantic clusterfuck of a bottleneck. Do you hate it when a bouncer shines his flashlight at you to tell you to keep moving? It hardly ever happens at XS, but there's going to be plenty of it at Marquee.

Cosmopolitan Marquee

And service? Wynn owns his nightclubs and the service levels are consistent with the rest of his resorts. Cosmopolitan might be riddled with technical glitches now, but once those are resolved, the service promises to be among the top spots on the strip. Will this carry over into the independently owned Marquee? From my own experience, the separate nightlife groups never reflect the same levels of guest attention as the resorts they're housed in. Hopefully Marquee will be an exception to that rule.

Regardless, Cosmopolitan's venue will be a great competitor in the nightlife scene. In the past, when my friends would ask for nightclub recommendations, I'd always tell them to do XS and only XS because everything else is a disappointment in comparison.

From now on, though, I'll wholeheartedly be recommending both.

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Comments & Discussion:

i'm DYING to stay in those bungalows... mostly to shoot golfballs off the roof at Harmon.

Looks like a very nice club. Same with everything I've seen at the Cosmopolitan. I can't wait to go out there and check it all out! It'll probably be the first time I go to Vegas and don't leave a property. Or very minimally leave it.

Impressive, although I think the fact that XS has reigned so long as #1 is more to do with recession putting an end to constant remodels of existing clubs, rather then completely reinventing the wheel.

It's constantly a carrot chasing game for these clubs on coming up with the newest thing, and not to say XS didn't do that, but the fact that we've waited so long for a competitor seems to be more about clubs being satisfied with their status quo, rather then constantly reinvesting. After all, the mid tier party crowd is likely to spend close to the dollars of the 'high end' hip crowd when it's all said and done, especially if you don't have to put many additional dollars in the club.

The Library does sound very cool.

BTW, I think those are Infinity jacuzzis judging by seats and the nozzles.

So Mike, when is the Vegas trip to stay in the 3 story bungalows? We're down! I'm happy XS has a competitor... I'm tired of XS being so freaking packed that it's losing enjoyability. Another high end club was needed to spread out the clientelle. Already looking at Cosmopolitan deals. Let me know when you're going!

MissVegas, that depends entirely on price. If they go the Palms route, than I'm afraid I'll never rest my head in a Bungalow. But, those low floor Terrace Studios that are part of the high rise look like a *very* appealing option. In either case, there's almost always a March trip and a couple summer trips as well.

Wow Mike, forgot my whining ass was there with you and John eh? Last dickpunch of the year. :)

I thought the Library was a peeler bar on the outskirts of town?

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