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Cosmopolitan's Design: Go West

By MikeE on Monday, 27th December 2010 2:27pm
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Design has always been a hot topic of discussion, especially since the opening of Wynn Las Vegas in 2005 and the questionable choices they made - restaurants far from the casino and the world's biggest gamblers physically separated by a VIP entrance from the games they patronize. To quote The Steve himself during a conversation I had with him in 2006: "We don't force things on anybody here. If customers want to gamble, they'll find the damn casino!"

Needless to say, it worked brilliantly - so brilliantly that shortly after they opened, they captured 50% of the strip's baccarat play, so brilliantly that they repeated the process at Encore, and so brilliantly that Aria shamelessly copied the design. If you've had the pleasure of staying at the Tower Suites of either Wynncore property, it all makes perfect sense. To walk through a lobby that acts as a buffer between the energy of the casino and your bed, all the while passing employees that bid you goodnight, is a thing of beauty that one gets immediately accustomed to.

I stayed at Encore Tower Suites, the single most convenience-minded hotel casino experience on the strip, for two nights before moving to Cosmopolitan. At Cosmo, they assigned me (and everybody else, it seemed) the Eastside Tower. This is the tower at the other end of the property right off the casino. I marched passed the West End elevators located directly across the front desk silently wishing my rooms were in there, but knowing that the Eastside rooms had the better views, I carried on. I snaked my way through the narrow, crowded casino (and they weren't even open yet) to find my way at the proper elevator bank and into my suite. Sure, the Eastside Tower is located right on the strip, but I was facing southwest away from the best views and towards Aria. Disappointment began to settle in.

I called the bell desk for my luggage. It took half an hour, but I couldn't blame the guy since he had to roll a cart full of stuff through a crowded casino. My keys deactivated and it was a hike back to the front desk. As I neared departure, I again requested luggage assistance; it took 20 minutes for him to get to my door plus another slow crawl together through the casino to get to my car at the other end of the resort. Once we reached the lobby, I realized how little I got to admire those incredibly cool digital columns. Bummer. A saving service grace for the Eastside Tower? At least they had the sense to put a concierge at the elevator bank.

By the end of my brief stay, I looked at the West End elevators in envy. The lobby, VIP check in, front desk, bell desk, concierge, valet, and Vesper were all at its base. Basic services can be accomplished so much more quickly for these guests and I came to the conclusion that the Eastside Tower was soooo Casino 1.0.

In short, if you've never stayed at Wynncore or Aria Sky Suites, you might not care, but despite its slightly less spectacular views, I'd suggest Cosmo's West End tower every time. Would you rather be in the heart of the action or in the heart of resort vitals?

Action gets old; I'd choose the latter.

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Comments & Discussion:

It's not surprising given that the original plan was for the West tower to be the hotel component and the East tower to be filled with condos. I would much prefer the east tower, myself. It's a short, convenient walk from the East tower to the Strip, where you can either walk to Aria, just step outside and onto the movators in/out of Bellagio, or cross the street. If you need food, Holstein's and China Poblano are just off the second level, and The Henry on casino level.

The only dining near the West elevator is the buffet. Meh. I guess you're closer to the taxis, but if you're using taxi service in and out of Cosmo, you're kind of doing it wrong. That's a bit like living in Manhattan and trying to drive your car to work every day.

Your problem really is the placement of registration that is, again, located based on the property's history as a condo development, and the crazy crowding that comes with New Casino Smell. I imagine they could maybe do something regarding bell service to make eastside service faster, but I do not know what that could be.

You still have the same walk, but you can avoid going through the casino to the Eastside tower by taking the elevator in the Westside tower up a flight or two and then walking over to the eastside tower elevators. You don't have to go through the casino.

I'm with Min. I'm hoping for the Eastside tower during my Cosmo stay next month. I like being close to the Strip, I like better views, and I like being near the restaurants. The walk through the casino with luggage, while annoying, only happens twice during my stay, and I can live with that (or, as Joanner points out, heading up the West elevators and crossing over is an option).

I've never stayed at the Wynncore Tower Suites nor the Aria SkySuites, nor any other "hotel within a hotel." So maybe I'm a plebe. But I'm used to having the energy of the casino right there at my doorstep, so to speak. And it doesn't bother me.

Convenience to the "resort services" -- concierge, front desk, bell desk, etc. -- is nearly irrelevant to me. Generally, I visit the front desk upon check-in, and never return.

But, different strokes for different folks.

Interesting parallel between Mike's experience and mine.

Due to a Caesars Qua Spa massage therapist nearly detaching a tendon or ligament holding my right foot onto my body, I was having significant trouble "hoofing it" the day I checked into Cosmo. (two weeks later its still sore).

I walked from Caesars Augustus tower entrance to Cosmo around 9am on Thursday, Dec 16th to check in at Cosmo. My room was not ready of course, but I was given keys and the promise of a call. I walked back and retrieved my cohorts, Vegas Virgins, for a strip tour.

About 2pm we had just walked into Encore Tower suites as part of the tour and my phone rang with the Cosmo room. They coudln't just activate the keys I had, we would have to return to that darn west end desk.

A short cab ride to the Carnival Court liquor store, about $300 worth of supplies attempt to pay with my Total Rewards points, they say I have $2.50 available and send me walking on bum foot to back of Harrah's property to check with total rewards desk. They show the requisite $100's of balance, limp back and get our liquor.

Next walk back to Caesars with bags and bags of party supplies, stuff suitcase and repeat walk from Caesars to Cosmo. The dog is barking hard now.

Check-in, get keys to 5778----southeast corner WATS-----nice. Then even my healthy footed friends are dreading the walk BACK THRU the casino with our suitcases full of dead hookers and blow.

Never saw or considered a bellman. Probably would have taken one at that time.

So initially this location thing was a big issue for me. It probably evened out over the next few days with dozens of shortened walks from the Eastside elevator banks to the casino and various points in between.

This portion of the design is clearly a poorer product than the Encore Tower Suites situation for someone spending most of their time in just the one resort. If you are jumping around much though that advantage is negated by Cosmo's more central overall location.

I meant Northeast view not southeast. the xx78 rooms are the wraparounds you want for best view.

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