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e: Jose Andres' Secret Restaurant at The Cosmopolitan

By JohnH on Thursday, 23rd December 2010 1:10am
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We all knew about the not-so-secret-but-still-kind-of secret pizza place, but it looks like there's another level, another layer to The Cosmopolitan's arsenal of secret dining.

It all started with a set of cryptic tweets sent out by Cosmopolitan PR honcho Amy Rosetti a few days ago. Odd references to something called e bar, blurry photos of salt-crusted foie gras, and the simple statement that it's "really closer to nothing else." When I first saw them, I was rather unconcerned with the tweets, but then I started thinking about them. There was never any reference to a restaurant called "e" at the Cosmopolitan. Weird. Probably PR fluff, I thought. I let it go and went to bed.

Until tonight. VT über-friend John D. contacted me this evening with the same question I had briefly considered last night: "What is this E Bar?" Our conversation ran the gamut from another secret restaurant to a simple insider joke/reference to Jaleo, based solely on the fact that it's a Spanish concept and Spain is referred to in Spanish as España.

Well, after a rather cursory Google search for "Jose Andres E Restaurant," I stumbled on this little gem from the Washington Post. It's a secret restaurant. Tucked into what many of us thought was only Jaleo's private dining room, it looks like "e" will serve 15-20 small plates of perfection--"the best caviar might top a perfect fried egg" and "Norwegian lobster will be... served with an air of roses"--at a starting prix fixe of $150 plus per person.

e jose andres at Cosmopolitan

Oh, and don't expect to just waltz up to a hostess stand and find your way into this little ditty. From the sounds of it, this place is quickly going to become The Cosmopolitan's most exclusive dining experience. There are only going to be eight seats, two seatings per evening, and can only be reserved by contacting a semi-secret e-mail address. Oh, and if you want to go all out and reserve the thing for all of your friends for an evening, it's going to come in at a cool $3,000.

And at that price--even at $150 + for a single diner, as John D. pointed out to me--"e" has just skyrocketed its way to the most expensive restaurant in the city. Yeah, Robuchon might charge a higher dollar amount, but at least he isn't serving only small plates. In reality, it's probably going to cost more per item than Alex, Guy Savoy, Twist, and a whole host of the Strip's other über-gourmet restaurants. Place is going to be expensive.

While I do think it's kind of cool that they're doing something like this and were able to keep it under wraps for so long, I'll be perfectly honest and say that I almost don't care. The concept sounds cool and all, but at that price and with two other Andres concepts in the same building, I think I'll take a pass on "e" until reality sets in over in Andres World.

I do have one final question, though: If I invest the small fortune into 15-20 snacks and one of them just happens to be a dog taco, can I split it with one of my dining partners?

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mr. hand you dick!

will be interesting to see how reservations compare to minibar. offhand id say minibar is a distant 2nd place in "impossibility" to el bulli, with no 3rd place.

is vegas ready for andres and e...?

twist is not tasting menu only, and i hear its toned way down compared to paris, and possibly london as well.

way more expensive >

- krug room @ guy savoy
- shaboo @ barmasa

i hear you can order a la carte at alex, like they did with joel robuchon and guy savoy. but in terms of published restaurant minimums, these are it >

- $125 alex 3 course ($89 taste of wynn)
- $113 picasso 4 course

$150 "plus plus plus" to belly-up to a conference-room table? Pass.

Looks like fun for a party of 8, though, if you have the 3G to burn.

This sounds like a version of what is already offered by Andres at minibar (in Washington D.C.) and Bazaar (in Los Angeles). In D.C., I had a fixed price 27 course meal at minibar, and it made for an interesting evening. If so, it won't in any real sense be the most expensive restaurant in Las Vegas - any more so than you'd base the "most expensive" label on the price of a chef's table at a restaurant. That's in effect what the place appears to be: a special dining experience within the regular restaurant, at a price that is much lower than that of special dinners at other top spots.

Nothing to see here. Just a fancy name for a private dining room. $150 is on par with other Vegas eateries.

who are the foodies on this site?

the $3000 figure is confusing when 8 x $150 = $1200

Kagehitokiri: The $150 figure is actually just the base price, which they're saying will be increased based on the relatively quality and rarity of the ingredients they're using that particular evening. I would ball-park the real average price for a meal at about $200-300, presumably without wine or drinks. At that sort of "real" cost, you can see where they're getting the $3000 for the eight seats.

I like the secret restaurant concept itself: Its a refreshing change from the abundant in-your-face marketing of hotel's restaurants. Its nice to see they are confident enough to keep it under wraps and still expect to do well. However, I'm not really into the whole "spending the price of a luxury cruise" on a dinner for 8 fad. (yet!)

So does our meal come with your Pug Waiter? Can I get a Corgi?

Hard to get excited about it with visions of Jackie Burgers dancing around in my head.

Nice scoop. We had no clue when we saw the room that it was a double-secret-probation dining room.

While I applaud the attempt at being exclusive and "hip", at a certain point, the food starts to become inaccessible and on the moon. This seems like a place destined for the hipster set with stupid money to burn.

It's true. I text people about food at 12am.

I guess it's interesting, and perhaps it will do well, but it could end up like Noir Bar at Luxor, which was super secret 'exclusive' too at the beginning, moved to just a bar concept, and finally is being remodeled as something else. Given it's so limited for seating each night it shouldn't be a problem, but considering it's likely there few high rollers (dependent on whether they get ones that are interested in such) that are likely to most often visit is it worth it?

Many of these places - Savoy, Robuchon, Alex, probably Twist - aren't about bottom line. They're about the status of having an ultra-swank, world-class dining destination as part of your on-property attractions. It's possible that Alex breaks even because it's owned by Wynn Resorts, but the others are most certainly loss-leaders.

Perhaps this is the same intent with E. Who knows. If Andres wants to bring Minibar (or something like it) to Las Vegas, I for one would be most enthused.

$150 as the base price? Wow, Jose's found a way to make all of his DC joints look positively cheap.

Granted, the food at e bar will be mind meltingly good, but wow.

andres himself has said he is more concerned with experience than "good" - he can be hardcore modern/molecular/etc. thats going to be the question in terms of vegas market. how has the twist tasting menu been received locally?

again, this is private dining like krug room and shaboo, but cheaper, and only slightly more than the 2 restaurants that are prix fixe only.

minibar DC, as mentioned by linked article and others, is $150pp...

Locally speaking, I would say that very few people even know Twist by Pierre Gagnaire even exists. It's in a seemingly-exclusive hotel in an out of the way location. If you eat at the restaurant, chances are you knew that well in advance of your arrival. Mandarin Oriental is an international destination and not geared in any way shape or form to locals. MOzen on the third floor is a different story, but is cursed by its location.

The Krug Room shouldn't even be in this discussion as it has very little to do with the food being served. It's about making whoever books the place look like they have the biggest cock in Caesars. The ridiculous price patrons (read: fools with money) pay is based around the Champagne served, not the food. The room is a house of Mindless Premium.

Shaboo is more pertinent to the conversation, but can't really be seen as being on the same level since the suckered-in imbecile dining there has to cook the majority of the food themselves. Not to mention the vibe is akin to eating at a boiling pot in a warehouse. A nice, clean dickpunch.

Do they cost more? Sure. But you also get a fuckload less in terms of experience. Unless you've ever left a meal raving about that amazing Champagne you had upon being seated or enjoyed cooking $1300 worth of food yourself. Call me crazy, but I'd rather have a bunch of Mexicans making shit that gives me a boner with a bunch of my friends. Oh, and we might also leave satisfied.

yes the krug room isnt as good as other krug rooms, because of the entry price (hong kong = molecular) but guy savoy is solid.

sounded like shaboo had good ingredients, but also agree concept seems odd. ive been curious what entry price actually is.

JohnD, are you a fan of modern/molecular? when i said locally i meant food scene. but then again, ARE there foodies?

If memory serves, Shaboo is omakase only. The "menu" starts at $500.

I'm a fan of modern and molecular, sure. What I'd say is I'm really just a fan of food that tastes amazing. I am also a fan of the experience of dining.

Many people in Las Vegas are foodies whether they'd actually use that word or not. The city is blessed to have so many visitors and residents from all around the world, making for a constantly evolving food scene. It's kinda awesome.

What wasn't mentioned, but perhaps implied, is that Chef Andres is describing each dish as it is served, telling stories, basically being himself during service. It WILL apeal to whales who want to brag, and they will return for the food.
The first service was supposed to be John Unwin and guests, but he had to cancel...8 Cosmopolitan front-line employees got those spots instead...I bet it's hard to go back to the employee dining room after that!

I doubt Jose will be there all the time. He's really more of an overseer than an active cook these days give how far-flung his joints are. I know he does show up on occasion, but those are rare occasions.

I think Minibar also serves more courses, but I know it does vary by night depending on what they have to work with and feel like doing.

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