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Can You Be Jockey Clubbed?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 21st December 2010 3:00am
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Over the course of the last week, two Cosmopolitan related questions have been asked the most and received the least amount of solid answers. With the help of some pictorial evidence, I'm going to take a crack at solving the easy one first. Ready?

Cosmopolitan Jockey Club

If you book a room at Cosmopolitan, can you be Jockey Clubbed? Which is to say that you get stuck with a room that has a spectacular view of a Jockey Club unit's living room and not the Bellagio fountains.

The roof of the Jockey Club is BELOW the top of the P4/4.5/5 levels on the pool deck. The first floors of hotel rooms start above those levels. As seen in the photo above, the bottom levels in the East tower cut it kinda close, but we're told that many of units with lousy views of either the Jockey Club roof or those that face smack dab into the Bellagio marquee have been dedicated as corporate office space.

Cosmopolitan Jockey Club

Looking towards the West tower, there is even more clearance over the Jockey Club and the HVAC building on the roof. While poking around in areas we weren't allowed to before opening, we ended up on a walkway outside of the Spa that leads to the tennis courts which overlooks the Jockey Club's HVAC building.

Cosmopolitan Jockey Club

The room levels start about 20 feet above where this photo is taken.

This myth is busted - you cannot be Jockey Clubbed! You can jump onto the Jockey Clubs roof while running from the cops tho!

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Comments & Discussion:

It's incredible that they can build that close legally and still make sure nothing was destroyed during construction. I grew up in the 'burbs on a .75 acre/single-family lot in a town where everything had to be at least 25' from property lines. This is amazing!

@bd9902 -- grease some palms, get a variance.

This gives "zero lot lines" an entirely new meaning.

The JC/Cosmo symbiotic/parasitic relationship is really interesting. Despite losing views on half their units, JC (timeshare?) owners may have actually come out ahead with access to the Cosmo amenities (tennis, spa, parking). I understand the Cosmo west building elevators connect over to JC?

I'm surprised the Jockey club wasn't just annexed by Cosmo and made into a "High Roller Boutique Hotel", or was too much money already misspent

I'm sure the Cosmopolitan would have liked to buy out the JC and tear it down. Would have made construction simpler and cheaper, even with demolition costs. But since Jockey Club is a timeshare, a majority of the owners would have had to agree to sell, at an agreed-upon price.

My guess is that many south-facing unit owners would have been glad to sell, while most north-facing unit owners, with those fabulous Bellagio views, are not interested in selling.

I believe Jockey Club is primarily a timeshare which means that there may be 100s if not 1000's of owners. Buying the property probably wasn't in the cards given that they would have had to buy out all of the owners.

You would think that would serve as a warning to Cosmo, Veer, Signatures, PH Westgate, and so on.

There was a period there where I was afraid we might not be able to tear anything down in the future.

JC is a combination timeshare and full ownership property. There were a number of contentious and protracted lawsuits/negotiations with the final result being a few owners were not willing to accept the $1M+ offers on their units. JC did sell their large open parking lot on which Cosmo now sits. Cosmo also made some rennovations to JC but don't know what concessions Cosmo received in return. I also cannot recall whether MGM was involved in trying to get the land for CityCenter.

fascinating, never knew they had full ownership.


78 condos
270 timeshares = 14,040 weeks

seems like all the weeks being offered for sale should be being picked up by deutsche bank or mgm...

Now that we have the Jockey situation explained....When reserving a wraparound suite, do you have a 50/50 chance of looking at City Center or do all wraparound suites have a north view of the fountains?

You could end up looking over CityCenter.

Room 78 on each floor in the east tower is what you want. That's the NE corner - what we had (5078). Best view.

@craiginga my terrace one bedroom overlooked city center and the view was stellar. not the fountains, but still freakin cool.

Thanks a million for checking this out, Chuck. Impressive that only four or five Cosmo floors are taller than 11 or 12 Jockey Club floors.

I believe someone told me the West tower does not have wraparounds on its south side, north only, while the East tower has both. I was in 5778, as Hunter mentioned, the Northeast corner, ideal view.


Between Cosmopolitan's high limit area and the Vesper bar, at the back wall of the slots side opposite Book & Stage, there are dedicated Jockey Club elevators. I don't know if you need a special key to access, or if they even work right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if a bought-out JC ends up as a Boutique Cosmopolitan at some point.

Condos are going to be the Achilles' heel of the Las Vegas Strip in 20-30 years. You can't implode them because you'd have to get a major amount of owners to agree to sell. (I believe it is around 90%).

If that number is indeed correct, you only need 10% of the owners who may like their place, like the location, don't want to move, etc. to veto a sale.

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