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Wynn Hires Boy Band

By MikeE on Monday, 20th December 2010 9:06pm
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On an unseasonably warm Monday night, JohnH, Blackjacker1979, and I were having drinks on the patio of Parasol Down. I glanced over to where the curving escalators terminate at the foyer only to find the boss himself, Steve Wynn, surrounded by a group of young men in their mid-20s.

I'd seen this scene before - disrespectful southern California Vegas n00bs accosting the boss. The conversation always goes something to the tune of "Mr. Wynn, I think you're an amazing businessman. You and Donald Trump are, like, my faves. Can we get passes to XS?"

But that wasn't the case. Wynn spoke to them for several minutes before they all stepped back, pulled out microphones, and started singing a cappella. Wynn was in serious listening mode.

Wynn Boy Band

What the hell was going on? I "stepped inside to use the bathroom." They sounded incredible. Pitch perfect, soulful, and definitely not your average boy band - these guys were, dare I say, talented. By the time I returned, The Steve was jamming to the grooves with his trademark Carlton-from-Fresh-Prince-of-Bel-Air jig.

I'd find out later that they are a group from South Africa called Overtone and Wynn has hired them to travel around the property and perform for guests much like Shimshi the illusionist does. It's a cool idea that'll be perfect for the holiday season.

Wynn made his way up the escalators and listened from above as Overtone continued. If it's any indication how successful these guys might be, Steve himself joined the crowds now leaning against the railing looking towards the Lake of Dreams. Overtone had the audience so enraptured that nobody seemed to notice the man with his name atop the building mingling and enjoying the music among them.

Way cool.

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While my knee-jerk response is "Douche-tastic!" my more reasonable, clear-thinking side took over and wonders why if Wynn wants an act like this, he doesn't go ahead and make a proper music lounge?

Wynncore has been lacking in live casino lounge entertainment for a long while now. No average person on the street is going to have heard of these guys before like they would Garth, but almost nobody knew of Human Nature either and they've put butts in seats.

We saw/heard these guys when we were there last week. They are fabulous! It was so nice to walk around the corner from Wynn and see them in the hallway in front of the theatres. Wynncore is already a pretty classy place, and this added a charming and festive air to our stay. It was just one more great experience during a trip filled with crazy goodness!

A very nice touch. Wynn definitely needs a live music lounge area (aside from the pianos at B bar and Eastside lounge)

Is that Larry David standing next to Steve Wynn?

Given the glasses, balding, and turtleneck, I am inclined to believe that is actually Steve Jobs.

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