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Cosmopolitan Gaming Breakdown

By Blackjacker1979 on Monday, 20th December 2010 1:14am
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cosmopolitan casino floor

As with any new opening in Vegas, the unwashed masses are clamoring to get at the gaming. After many rumors of new technologies and the horror of the possibility of 6 to 5 blackjack, the opening has offered us the opportunity to examine and summarize just what the newest broad on the block has to offer. Lets break it down shall we.

cosmopolitan casino floor

Table game offerings are on par with every other joint out there. According to the official fact sheet, there are a grand total of 83 gaming tables and 1,478 slot machines inside Cosmopolitan's serpentine casino. Table games include the Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Three Card Poker, Crazy 4, Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow, Spanish 21, Mini-Baccarat and Ultimate Hold-Em (the good version, not that crappy Venetian variety.) Additionally the high limit salon features double-deck blackjack and midi Baccarat tables. Nary a big table in sight.

cosmopolitan casino floor

As far as limits, rules and feel goes, there's a lot of good going on here. Limits, although at $25 and up minimums on opening night, dropped to between $10 and $15 the next day, making the mark with their neighbors at Aria and Bellagio. Rules on table games are standard, and yes, a natural blackjack pays 3 to 2 on eight deck shoes even at $10 dollar minimums. No need to panic, 6 to 5 is only on the single deck games.

cosmopolitan casino floor

Craps and Roulette are standard fare, so I'm not going to go into any detail here. Several things to note though. Despite people identifying that they were red, the dice were actually Cosmo purple. Craps ratings are done manually, whereas all other tables are done via computer. Roulette tables feature a neat-o LED embedded felt surface, so lights indicate wins and when no more bets can be made. A nice piece of technology which we've heard are in use already at Palazzo, although I have not seen them.

Slots are plentiful as well, with a variety of games from your penny wares to high limit machines. Each has quick access to Identity, the player's club of the Cosmopolitan, allowing you to view points, offers, and other information about the hotel through an imbedded touch screen or the game's built in screen.

Speaking of Identity, you can earn points on everything from table games and the usual casino spending to other purchases made throughout the hotel. Present your card, get points, its that simple. The system works well might I say, with my little amount of play adding up to $31 bucks worth of comps. These can be used at checkout with a simple and quick phone call to the Identity desk.

cosmopolitan casino floor

The fit and feel of the casino, and the environment for play, is one of the most elegant I've seen outside of Encore. The casino offers guests the ability to choose private, less trafficked gaming areas or grand gaming in public view in the chic pavilion near the Chandelier and strip entrance. Additionally, every employee is courteous and helps build a fun and intelligent gaming vibe. Sure the dealers don't have name tags, but everyone is super friendly and you'll know their name in 2 seconds flat. The skinny on the street is that Cosmopolitan lured almost 100 dealers from Wynn Las Vegas to staff their pit.

I know I'll be back here many times as the gaming was one of the highlights of an overall average experience. If you love the M, Aria, and PHo when it comes to the gaming floor, you're going to find a lot to love here. And if you don't, well, you're gonna be good as well. It's one hell of a step in the right direction.

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Comments & Discussion:

Thanks for the update on the conditions. However, the question I asked at the Casino Cabanas thread still remains; can the player get dealer Stands on Soft Seventeen BJ for $50 per hand or less?

Aria and Bellagio both have S17 at $25 and up. I hope the Cosmo does too, even if its an 8d ASM game.

Also, the pictures are great... it really looks like a more candy-colored version of Aria (similar modern aesthetic, but definetly palatte-swapped). Aria is admittedly more my personal taste but I can definetly see myself having some fun at Cosmo.

Of the three photos of the casino cabana blackjack tables that I took, all of them have "Dealer Must Hit Soft 17" stenciled on the felt.


Thanks. So it looks like they only have S17 in the High Limit Room.

I admit I find this a bit tightfisted.

Looks like I'll keep my BJ play at Aria and Bellagio. But who knows? Maybe the Cosmo will loosen up their gaming conditions over time.

Yes, they hit soft 17 everywhere but the high limit room (at least on double deck). I played probably 15 hours at their tables this weekend on a $100 minimum double deck game in the high limit room and was by myself nearly the whole time. Opening night it was all $1,000 and $5,000 minimums, but by the following morning they became realistic. If you're a $25 or $50 player, you probably do want to take your play to Aria or Bellagio since you can get the better rules at lower minimums. My suspicion, however, is that you'll get far better comps at Cosmo than you would at Aria or Bellagio for $25/$50 play, so the difference in edge (including comps, which matter if you're from out of town) is somewhat reduced.

Cosmopolitan is overall a pretty great place, high energy, and the balconies in the rooms in my opinion make them the best in Las Vegas. It really makes a difference to be able to step out and enjoy the view. Also, the hosting staff is very good - a lot of them came from Wynncore. I was invited back for New Years and they comped my whole stay. Honestly I think Cosmo has a shot at becoming one of the go-to places in Vegas, at least for me.


You are probably right re. comps. However the MGM "Mlife" program will also track total spend and give comps based on that, so that will probably even out the difference a bit.

Plus, the rooms at the Cosmo don't entice me that much (Aria is more my taste) but that's a subjective matter.

I can definetly see myself having meals and possibly doing some shopping at the Cosmo, maybe playing Craps. But I don't think the property would be my preferred place for accomodation or blackjack.

Who knows? Perhaps if the drinks are really good, its not a busy day, and there's an empty casino cabana I might be persuaded to play BJ at the Cosmo.

Of course, other's mileages may vary.

Thank you very much for confirming the play conditions. I appreciate it.

Spanish 21, interesting, it's disappeared from the strip, hopefully it stays at Cosmo for awhile, as it's a pretty fair bet game.

Has anyone checked out the Sports Book yet? The map shows that it's on the second floor...that's interesting, I can see positives and negatives of doing that. Any insight would be appreciated.

@DuLac there is no "sportsbook" in the traditional sense, that is where you pick up a mobile sports betting hand held device.

Chuck and all the guys, thanks for all the great reports these past several days. You have me salivating for a trip out there and a stop at Cosmo is definitely in order, and at El Cortez too for that matter. Hmmmm, maybe it's that Jackie Burger that has me salivating...

Anyway, hats off to your launch coverage! Nicely done indeed.

Thanks Drake! We've still got a ton more stuff to discuss about Cosmopolitan!

Wow...that's pretty weak not to have a sportsbook. They at least need to take real bets like the desk at Encore. That will hurt in big sports times. Hand-helds like at Venetian-Palazzo are awesome, but need to take regular pre-game bets too. Big mistake there as tons of travel to the city is during big sporting events.

@DuLac...there is a chance, and I couldn't get any confirmation here, that there will be an extended sportsbook on the second level adjacent to Holsteins. As of now, it's a solid wall which has been decorated as to not look like a construction wall.

Question for anyone about the double-deck blackjack. Is it pitched or face-up? After the opening hoopla, do we think the limits will be $25 or $50 like they typically are at the Venetian?

@eco74 Face up. There are $25 dollar tables on the floor. Shouldn't be a problem. They don't seem to be inflating table limits like Uncle Sheldon. If you want a good pitched game check out the M.

you say the craps table is "standard". But what standard? MGM or Harrah's? There are differences in the payouts/layouts. What does the 12 pay on the filed? 3x or the crummy 2x that Harrah's pays? What about the prop bets in the middle? There can be variations there. Does the layout have the Big 6 and Big 8 sucker bets?

@jsmeeker 2 in the field pays double, 12 pays triple. there are no big six big eight sucker bets., 3x 4x 5x odds.

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