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Cosmopolitan's Eager Hosts

By MikeE on Monday, 20th December 2010 12:07am
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Cosmopolitan Craps Table

Just minutes after Cosmopolitan's public opening, team VT made their way to a craps table. It wasn't a particularly good run, but everyone was in good spirits - the drinks were flowing, the pressures of opening coverage now mostly behind us, and the check-in fiasco a memory. We plopped down our room keys with our buy-ins well aware that eventually they'll double as our Identity cards. The pit boss said he couldn't scan our room keys, but took our IDs and had separate cards made for us - a much-appreciated gesture considering the lines now forming for new sign-ups.

We played $25 with minimal odds for about 15 or 20 minutes all the while taking good care of the dealers until our Identity cards came hot off the press. Now at Wynn, a host might pity you after a few hours of black chip play and give you his card, but it's not until you start nearing purple chip levels that they actually get back to your e-mails in a timely manner.

Imagine my surprise then when seconds after team VT stepped away from the cold table, a beautiful, young host approached us, gave us her business card, and asked that we contact her if we need anything.

Really?! $25 per hand for 20 minutes and we're already getting the royal treatment? Sah-weet!

I can only speculate that this is a result of their Identity program which tracks all spend on the property. With our special first hotel guest wristbands on, high fives across the table, and blue and red chips flying every which way for the dealers, I assume the host thought we were both frequent Vegas visitors and major spenders worthy of her attention. And you know what? When Cosmo gets their act together, some major spending won't be far from the truth; the thought of being hosted for it has me downright giddy.

"I'll be buying a coffee table from Droog. Go ahead and send one of the Deutsche Bank jets to pick me up. K, thx!"

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I'd say tread lightly, and don't get your hopes up. Hosts are incredible liars... and when the fanfare dies down; will become more focused on their actually player theoretical. But, the real question is --- what COMP-action did you end up with at the end of your stay?

Michael, I think I speak for everyone there that it was such a clusterfuck that by check out time, the only thing I was worried about was that my food and beverage credits through the package I booked apply accordingly. They did and sure enough, the only remainder in the balance was $16 which I'm sure I could have gotten comped off if I had the patience to sit through more technical difficulties.

MikeE, LOL. Oh, how I love a clusterfuck.... well, when it can work to my advantage. Should be interesting to see how things play out. We are Marriott Platinum; so I've been keeping a keen eye on this property. Though, I seem to recall there are no plans for a Marriott Concierge Lounge; just a Platinum Players Club lounge. Now, my next wish, is that perhaps they will match Grazie Gold/Harrah's Diamond to their mid or top tier Identity program. ;)

BTW, MikeE, forgot to ask. What's the baccarat situation at Cosmopolitan? Do they have a big game? Table limits on the midi games? Curious minds want to know.

@baccaratguy There are no big table games at Cosmo. Table limits on opening night were $50 and up, with the occasional $25. All were lowered the next day.

By contrast, we were playing $50-100 single deck for 2.5 hours on opening night and never had a host stop by. Ditto for the next night when playing $50 roulette (half inside/half outside) for 2 hours. The guys next to us were playing $100-500 per spin for at least an hour and a host never stopped by.

They must know about the power of the Chuck! :-)

@Chuckmonster do they have midi baccarat table(s) where the players can 'face' the cards? How about Tiles, and other Asian games?

wonder if it was the same blond host, first name same as my daughter, starts with L, she walked us up to buffet and comped my buddy thru who had been playing "off-card" due to lines. We all got cards at tables and had enough points for two free buffets each.

Mike, they couldn't get my excess points to work on my balance either, I suspect tax and tip and not payable by either comps or package credits. that was what I gleaned from my efforts to understand the scenario.

I've got a nice video on youtube of the wraparound you guys are free to use if you wish:


well gotta go home. see you in 10 years for the Fountainbleu opening!!!

Michael, I think there were about four midi tables in high limit, no big ones. Actually didn't see pai gow (poker or tiles), Sic Bo, etc., but I really wasn't looking for them, either.

Great video, BeeeJay. Thanks for posting it.

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