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The Cosmo Hotel Fiasco Continues...

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 17th December 2010 3:29pm
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The media is abuzz with glowing reports of how awesome the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is, uniformly mentioning the gorgeous interior design, spectacular room views and breathtaking chandelier. Unbeknownst to the throngs of reporters who came for a press conference, grabbed the PR prepared fact sheets, then bolted back to their computer desks, Cosmopolitan's hotel operations is continuing to flail about aimlessly, while still charging their guests full rates for their rooms.

We've read reports and seen first hand that minibar fridges bizarrely lock themselves when they are closed and that a sizable percentage of room minibars and snack trays are empty. Construction workers are milling about with guests and housekeeping as they make repairs, cleaning crews are entering rooms to mop terrace floors. For many guests, housekeeping didn't come at all (including turn down service), and that some guests waited until almost 8pm to get into their rooms on opening night!

Restaurant reservations bumped, moved or cancelled with no apologies or attempt to reschedule. Also, there was no way to charge stuff to your room (and total spend Identity program?!?!) Oh, and if you signed up for Identity online, forget it, we've been told by numerous people that they make you sign up again in person.

The only hotel service I needed to use yesterday before leaving to return home was video check out via the TV system. As expected, it didn't work, so I left.

We knew there were going to be problems, but this is insane.

How soft should a soft opening be?

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Is there an in-room safe? and have you heard of any problems with them?

There is an in-room safe, it is large enough to fit cameras and lap tops.

Stay tuned on this subject... there is a story brewing.

Would love a heads up on the safe, as I am to be there on Wednesday for a few days. Don't want to lose my gambling stash in the safe. Thanks

You mean the safe that can be picked with a paper clip in about 60 seconds? I wouldn't put much trust in those hotel room safes.

The short version is that one of our regular readers has had his room burglarized today. We are waiting on him to return from Metro PD to tell the story.

Sounds like the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is one huge Charlie Foxtrot.

The in-room safe isn't large enough to store SLR cameras and/lenses of any size.


also >
sold out through 29? right... (30/31/1 never released)
also sold out jan 6 7, which did have the highest rates (from $600/$650 IIRC)

Its like Aria all over again...

Hope they have their act together when I arrive on the ninth of January, when CES is gone. And sorry for the double post!

And they are advertising the place like crazy. It was on Ellen today giving away free rooms. I hope it's not another Aria -- that place was brutal.

having a absolute blast and no issues whatsoever on our end. checked in day 2, checking out tomorrow, the wraparound is awesome, room service, pit bosses, drink service. everything has been fantastic for us. sorry to hear some people are having problems.

Housekeeping has been a total and utter nightmare this trip, something I will touch on in my upcoming room review. I to the best of my satisfaction have not been compensated at all, even though I've been continually told I will be. As for sold out, the room number is low. We attempted to explore the West End Tower tonight and found that most floors (at least one full elevator bank of them) are not open to guests. When we did find a floor that was open, it was often littered with blue tape, furniture, and unfinished things. It was quite surprising.

CRAP... not again? This was my horror story last year at CC Grand Opening. Horrid service, incomplete room, no tv check out. We were on the same floor as Hunter, but we managed to get the "one" room that was incomplete. The second room looked like someone already made chakka chakka in it- what a buzzkill, I thought it was going to be me?

Interesting, the one problem I've had, and I'm not sure if this was housekeeping or some other department, but the refrigerator wasn't stocked with "mini-bar" items upon my arrival, so I filled the non-sensored areas with my liquor, champagne, 2-liters of pop. Sometime today when they cleaned they had stocked the mini-bar for sale items and removed all my items, which I had placed specifically to avoid the sensors (there are extra shelves). So all my drinks were out on the counter warm.

I wanted to see about my folio to be sure I wasn't getting "Aria Ass Raped" for every item on the mini-bar price list like last year. The TV version did not work and the front desk, calling me back after I hung up from a lengthy hold, had limited information. Basically the crux was that my $81 room service order was covered by my $100 food/beverage credit on my package, but I had a $29 balance for "tip and tax". The 18% tip was auto added to my check, but included in the $81 total, I added a $10 additional tip.

isnt this worse than aria?

i mean, if only 300 rooms are open...

heh >

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