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From The Mailbag: How Much Does Cosmo and Trop Pay VT To Cover Their Properties

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 17th December 2010 3:36pm
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From the mailbag comes this piece of creative writing.

From: Andy S

Comments: I thought this was Vegas Tripping. Lately it seems more like MyCosmoBlog or Trop and Cosmo are the only hotels in town.

When did you lose your versatility? More accurately, just how much are the Trop and Cosmo paying you to shill for them?

What About: Hate Mail

Dear Mr. S**in*r,

It is apparent to me through this, and your previous contact form complaints, that you hate VegasTripping. To help you find peace in your life and protect you from whatever content we publish, I will go ahead and have you blocked from using our website.


-The Boss.

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Comments & Discussion:

Mr. Monster remains my hero.

they still didn't answer the question :)

If Cosmo payed for that last post (the "Fiasco"), they should probably ask for their money back.

the answer is that nobody pays us to do anything.

It takes a rare breed to get banned from here......

Because obviously you're answering to your Deutsche Bank paymasters when you call the opening of their new hotel a "fiasco."

(Honestly, I was just looking for a reason to use "Deutsche Bank paymsters" in a sentence.)

And it's not unbelievable that, just before and after a major resort opening, there would be a great deal of discussion about that resort.

Thus far, 41 VT news posts in December. 21 for Cosmopolitan, including a few that aren't exactly glowing, 2 for Trop, and several for MGM & Wynn properties. Primm even got an item. I don't have the time to check the archives to see how this scales against the openings of Aria, Encore, and Palazzo, but it hardly seems excessive.

Have you seen how many news articles there have been about the Cosmopolitan opening in the LV newspapers?

I like how you excluded the last name in his message and included it in your reply, kind of like the Simpsons episode where Lisa goes vegetarian.

Skinner: "It seems a certain someone, we will call her L. Simpson, wait no thats too obvious how about Lisa S..."

Should Mr. Steiner continue to be a problem, I am sure I speak for several other members when I say we will be happy to make sure he doesn't run out of offers for Penis Enlargement (clearly he needs it), Viagra, and Midget Porn in his Inbox if you kindly offer up his email address.

then again, if he was just trolling, he just won. :D

but generally, people see what they want to see. and how should i put this, "less intelligent" people see "less intelligent" things. :D

Now, now. Maybe the writer of that email doesn't read VegasTripping, the LV Sun, Review Journal, etc., and didn't realize the Cosmo & Tropicana have been getting a lot of press lately. Or, they're a douchebag. I'll go with the latter.

Damn VT, shilling for Cosmo, talking about how great their hotel lobby is while waiting 8 hours for your room, and don't get me started on that 'glowing' review of the Tropicana's room service.

Ok, enough at my attempt at sarcasm, I can understand the Mr. S. a bit though, there does seem to be a focus on the Trop and Cosmo, but I think he's wrong in necessarily believing it's due to VT. Heck I get tired of WynnCore discussion, but the fact is, out of those three they are really all that have done anything notable lately (renovations, new areas, etc.). MGM and HET seem to be so tied up in debt that they've become the ultimate grind joint, with MGM's only renovations coming from leftover materials for their 'hip' inducing remodels of TI, Luxor, or whatever.

There's a vacuum in things about Las Vegas to talk about, 5 years ago, you could go on a trip every 6 months and see a bunch of new things, now, not so much.

we focused on cosmo because its opening. we focused on trop because we stayed there for the first time since they re-did stuff. we focused on wynn because we stayed there too. we focused on aria because we stayed there. we focused on sahara because we stayed there too. we're about to focus on stratosphere, el cortez and a bunch more cosmo this weekend.

This will sound like I'm sucking up, but this is my favorite Vega$ related site. The coverage of the Trop and Cosmo has been fantastic -- especially as I read it from cold and snowy Minnesota. I never studied Vega$ carpet until after reading this site. Oh wait...not sure that is a good thing...

Besides Cosmo and the Trop remodel, there hasn't been much else going on in Vegas this year. What would you like them to cover? Would you rather they post nothing?

Dear Andy S,

Please remove your head from your ass, read the current content posted, and if you still think your feedback is relevant, I cordially invite you to go fuck yourself.




Heaven forbid you focus on the last major resort opening for who knows how long. Or a renovation of an iconic resort. What an idiot.

Chuck, you don't have to answer to anybody or explain yourself to anyone on this site. Unfortunately, any moron with a computer can post here, but YOU are king on this site.
Most people that are interested in LV want to know how the opening of the Cosmo went. Simple as that.

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