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Coming Soon To CityCenter: Pestilence, Locust and/or Flood

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th December 2010 1:47am
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A week or so ago, we've heard a report from VT reader JohnD that CityCenter was being sprayed for an infestation of ants. A day later, a report about a Cafe Vettro customer who spotted a mouse running around the dining room surfaced on The Board. Today, we're sad to report that the entire CityCenter complex has been engulfed in a dust storm with the a sizeable portion of the valet pickup driveway covered in about a quarter inch of sand.

A large group of us heading back to ARIA from the Mandarin meetup had to take cover under jackets and goggles the dust storm was so bad, leading us to believe that a large swarm of locust will be arriving in the Center of Las Vegas just after Christmas.

The moral of the story is... if it is still windy tomorrow night and you're planning on standing outside to get into Cosmopolitan after 8pm.... bring goggles not made from beer!

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Haha. Let me know when The Great Goddess in the Sky starts smiting MGM execs' first born.

Back to reality, it IS nasty that mice were caught in Cafe Vettro. MGM is just lucky that Southern Nevada Health Department inspectors weren't there that day. If the rodents are still there when they do arrive, however, expect an embarrassing write-up in The R-J and even more questions of how they "really" got those AAA 5 Diamonds.

Speaking of CC and Aria, is anyone else getting bombarded with emails from them?
Best deals that I've ever been offered and right around the time of Cosmo's opening.

I wouldn't hold my breath for the frogs.....

What about having your first born killed? Are the fountains at CC going to turn into blood?

weatherman2111 and RockChickX51 used up my jokes. I'll chime in with "cattle disease." Don't know how that would work, especially now that the rodeo's left town.

Perhaps Murren will simply "Let my People Go" - and all these plagues will be avoided. If he does let my people go, I will be found at the Wynn.

Well..there is a lunar eclipse this week.....

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