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Cosmo Wraparound Terrace Panorama

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 14th December 2010 7:44pm
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Cosmo Wraparound

I've long been wondering how the hell Cosmopolitan could ask what they've been asking for hotel room rates. After touring their room line up (twice) and soaking in a jawdropping view like this one... I'm a convert.

Click here to see the absolutely gigantic huge panoramic version of it. Holy crap!

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Comments & Discussion:

THIS is the reason the Cosmo is great. I can't say enough. You have to see it, it's unreal.

Is that some kind of super shmancy suite? What will the plebs see?

@minvegas you should change your username to WetBlanket.

Excellent photos. I'm interested to hear everyone's impressions of the balcony experience (furniture, safety, views, usefulness, etc...)

With all these open balconies, how long until someone does their (possibly drunken) impression of a lawn dart of the 45th floor? Call me sick, but you KNOW that sooner or later, intentionally or not, its going to happen.

Will lay odds the first drunk falls off the terraces around New Years Eve

@parched you'd really have to try to go over the side. there is a 1 foot width curved railing inside the thick glass safety wall. plus there is another railing on the outside of the wall. i often get vertigo (fallout from 10 years playing loud rock n roll 8 days a week) and didn't have any such issues or fear of the edge. feels completely safe up there.

i do wish there was more furniture on the balcony.

I agree that's whats it all about! Although the other hotel things certainly seem great, those balconies are what sold us and made us hit the book button. I've also heard that even the studios are great and have lovely views.

I'm staying in the wraparound in Jan. Anyone know if both towers have this room?

DAMN! What a view! I want one. ;-)

Think of this view at night!!

now the real question - is there anything larger/better?

there must be, right? but might be in the block of unreleased rooms.

also, rates range from $335 to $720

(cheapest from $135 to $400)

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