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MGM Engages Hyperwrap Drive!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 14th December 2010 7:02pm
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Harmon Anti Cosmo Wrap

The MGM brain trust has engaged their hyperwrap drive on the side of Harmon in the hopes of stealing some Cosmopolitan's thunder and customers. The problem is that they completely botched the installation of the wrap... and no, I'm not talking about the fuck up on the left. I'm talking about this:

Harmon Anti Cosmo Wrap

They put it so low the trees on the pool deck block it and only people who can see through walls can see the wrap. Nice going numbnuts!

Shortly after taking this photo while walking through the restaurant level at Cosmo, a well dressed security guard looking dude cut through our group carrying a large cellophane wrapped gift basket filled with small flat round boxes of stuff... the tag on the top was a corporate envelope that had the brand new "MGM RESORTS" logotype on it.

Silly Lion. Don't you know that John Unwin doesn't want 47 boxes of chocolates... he wants a one year subscription to the Single Malt Scotch of the Month Club. I'm hearing that February is Caol Ila Islay! Narsty!

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Comments & Discussion:

Given that Harmon points directly at Cosmo, they could do some kind of tongue in cheek thing ala Wynn when Mirage opened.

"You are at The Cosmopolitan.
That means you've nearly arrived at Aria.
[--- This way"

the rendering said "you are there. you should be here"


^^ "Clever" seems to die an ugly death at MGM. I'll bet anything the advertising team is delivering a bunch of snappy ideas like above, but then every layer of the turgid corporate approval process just sucks the life out of them.

By the time Murren adds his "creative" input, you end up with the vapid, self-congratulatory look-at-us crap like "The center of Las Vegas is just around the corner." That's bad advertising that only a CEO could dream up, but the ad team has to suck it up and run with it.

Even the bland typography tells me that somewhere in the bowels of MGM a Creative Director threw his or her hands up in the air and said, "Fuck it, just give them what they want."

MGM ought to take a page from the 1990 Dudley Moore movie, "Crazy People" and just go with a truth-in-advertising approach. Brutal honesty. The Harmon wrap should read:

"Just on the other side of this condemned building is a shopping mall very much like the one most Americans have within 5 miles of their house. If you walk through the mall for like, 30 minutes - tops, you'll come to our casino resort, Aria, which isn't nearly as dark as it used to be, because we just installed lights! We can't really recommend the buffet right now, since we're tearing it out and replacing it (to say nothing of our recent rodent/insect infestations), but we do have a Cirque show, very much like the one most Americans have within 5 miles of their house. By the way, stay away from Vdara, unless you want your skin to blister like a package of Sudafed. CityCenter: It is what it is."

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