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CityCenter: Engage Wrap Drive On My Go!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 10th December 2010 1:03pm
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Remember a month or so ago when we told you about The Plan To Combat Cosmopolitan? Well, with imminent arrival of Cosmopolitan's grand opening, CityCenter has raised their shields and engaged wrap drive!

Photo taken hours ago by The Admiral.

And to think that some of you out there doubted our intel.

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Is it just me or does anyone else immediately think of that SNL faux-mercial for Bad Idea Jeans when they see this. Way to trash the architecture!

In the morning on that elevated sidewalk where Hunter took that picture, there is some death ray action going on due to the concave shape of that glass they are putting that wrap on. I walked through there going into Crystals the Friday Morning before Podcast-a-Palooza and it was amazingly hot there.

Who doubted the intel? Come forth, so we can mock you.

Wow, that's just...


There is something sadly pathetic about putting up a sign that says "City Center: The center of Las Vegas."

It's not. No matter how much they stamp their feet and say it is.

CityCenter - The Center of Las Vegas - Right in the Center - The Middle of the Action - Right in the Heart of the Strip - Dead Center.

The signage won't make the walk through Crystals to Aria any shorter.

I noticed that the second floor entrance to Cosmo coming over the bridge has a large sign "Escalator to Bellagio" I was surprised how prominently they were displaying the name of their competitor on arguably their main entrance.

They also have a big 'Walkway to CityCenter' thing, kinda like you see at Bellagio for Ballys and CP.

They clearly want you to walk through instead of around... and in the hotter months, I bet almost everyone will.

This is a bit sad...why dont they just have people on the street begging people to come in?

Everyone will also walk through due to that sutpid f'ing staircase you need to go up to get up to the Citycenter pedestrian bridge. I think having the casino right by the front will really help them get the traffic they need.

Its really unbelievable how difficult it is to get to the Aria casino. I had two groups of people in Crystals ask me while I was walking through and frankly even being there countless times I wasnt quite sure.

What a disastah!

CityCenter: A plotted point upon a continuum (X), equidistant from the beginning and end points of said continuum, where X = Las Vegas.

I walked out onto a terrace at Cosmopolitan to see what the signage looked like...my eyes were more drawn to the unfinished upper floors of Harmon.

Is it really "Topping Off" if you only throw up a few stories of outside reflective walls to increase the overall height? The view from the 55th floor of Cosmopolitan really exposes MGM's comedy of errors.

OMG, misnomer.
Restating what RockChick said, but putting the Spock to it.

Only you....

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