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Cosmopolitan Opening Price Watch

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 7th December 2010 3:50pm
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With excitement starting to reach a fever pitch at 8 days out from opening night, Cosmopolitan has started to flip the yield management switch on their hotel room rates, jumping rates from $300 to $400 per night for their bottom tier accommodations.

I've been checking rates regularly for the last month or so, hoping to see some kind of crack in demand, but they have remained solid at $300 with two day jump to $350 and return to $300 about two weeks ago. The dramatic ramp in upward pricing for opening week starts here.

Frankly, I still think these rates are way too high for a hotel that has zero reputation to stand on. Mountains of hype don't count.

Mandarin Oriental, Bellagio, Planet Hollywood and ARIA were all in the running to be my base of operations during Cosmo's opening but decided to pull the trigger on Saturday at $300 for a City View room. I'm glad I did as I might have very well gotten on before the express train of room rates headed to the moon.

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some of the cosmo website packages had really good rates at one time but full payment was required at time of reservation.

I agree with Beejay. I got in on one that has about doubled in price now, but it's been paid for for two months. We'll soon find out if it was a deal or not.

Glad I prepaid for a package. The Las Vegas City Living package was a hell of a deal a few months ago. Now I would rather just spend 3 nights at ETS and save $400+ than book at Cosmo.

As I said on twitter earlier, either 1) Cosmo is trying to keep it from being a full house on opening night so that they don't have a complete meltdown during their "soft opening" or 2) they really have exceeded their booking goals for 12/15 and are going for the eye gouge simply because they can at this point.

Considering that opening night is on a Wednesday and 10 days before Christmas...I'm going to take option #1.

Those prices are crazy but I am more confused by the room types to be honest... Does anyone know if this seems right? City Room is a two bed room with no terrace. Terrace Studio is the standard king room with a terrace. Terrace One Bedroom is a standard king roomlike the Studio(actually smaller than studio) but has a bathtub with a view and a slightly more seperated sleeping area.
Also I wonder what tower all these rooms are in and what kind of views the "premium view" rooms have. Is it a higher floor or a certain direction? I know I would love a north or east facing room on a high floor... Guess I will find out when I am there in 2 months.

Called about this last night.

Premium view basically is a view facing north not buried behind Bellagio's marquee. Rooms opening on the 15th are going to be spread across both towers. The east tower is going to be wraparound terrace suites with studios attached. Terrace suites, from what I was led to believe, are almost entirely in the west tower.

What I found funny was that by the end of our phone conversation, I got the representative to say that non-premium view rooms faced CityCenter. We both giggled.

Also, I was a little bummed to realize last night that the tub with a view wasn't in the suites, but was in the Terrace studios. Personally, I would have loved for that to exist in all rooms, but I suppose they could build another tower... oh wait, no.

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