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Okada Renovations: Todd-Angry

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 6th December 2010 4:09pm
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We just received a strongly worded email from one of Todd-Avery Lenahan's representatives, imploring us not to share - and by extension discuss or be fans of - his tremendous work at Wynn Las Vegas. Specifically, they refer to the Okada restaurant redesigns that he probably should not have posted to his portfolio website without approval from The Boss. Oh wait... didn't Steve Wynn just say on the quarterly call that they weren't being secretive with renderings or models anymore?

From: ABA Design Studio - XXXXXXXXXXX@abalv.com

Comments: We are aware that you have posted unauthorized use of our images and intellectual property on your website. Call Todd at 702-XXX-XXXX. Remove immediately - Okada Restaurant Renovation images.

We've gone and removed the images from our server, per their request, but... we're not going to call Todd because we can't afford a Roger Thomas designed silver Wynn house phone with the holidays and all.

Speaking of Roger Thomas, did you know that Rog is now the official buyer for the Wynn LVNV store in the Wynn Esplanade? Did you also know that Roger Thomas admitted to me that he reads VegasTripping? (at least occasionally) God, how we love Roger. When he finally does re-retire from Wynn, we're gonna cry cry cry. Hi Rog! Heart u!

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Comments & Discussion:

If Todd-Avery Lenahan's so upset, why are the Okada renovations still on ABA's website for all the world to see? Still think the red looks terrific, especially with those white chairs. Hurry up and renovate!

They probably have to hire a web guy to remove them... might take a coupla days.

I get it, they want ownership/control of their images. The problem is that once you post stuff to the internet, you by relinquish that control. Our stuff gets swiped instantly - content, images, text, ideas, vibe - and I've virtually given up tracking it let alone policing transgressions. (Perhaps I should call Righthaven?)

My hunch is that the Wynn folks weren't too happy to see the story (or my inquiry about the Okada renovation) and put Lenahan in a headlock. They (Wynn) aren't owners of the images, ABA is, and to get them removed, they asked ABA to transfer the headlock to us. The same thing happened when some guy posted images of Encore Macau a coupla years ago. Wynn: "No comment" Designer "I'm suing you!"

It should also be noted - now that we have ABA's attention - wouldn't have to copy/post any of these images if their website allowed deep linking.

When we post stuff, everybody wins (almost). The properties get free publicity for a project that most people haven't heard of, it creates a story that we can track leading on through renovation to construction to reopening and relaunch, and introduces the names of those involved to a bunch of people who have probably never heard of them.

You may want to contact the Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas for representation in this matter. Conveniently, their website is www.abalv.org.

Operators are standing by...

The Skylofts "at an undisclosed location" is also now absent.Those were the coolest ones.

Looks like a majority of the Wynncore items have been taken down. Encore Resort? Gone. Project "O" Sky Villas? Adios. Those obscure and difficult to find photos of the Wynn corporate office? Tschuss...

Chuck was right. Took a few days to bring in a web guy to take down the renderings. Sorry they're gone, but thanks to JohnH and Chuck for the sneak peek.

As a long-time fan of Vegas Tripping, I enjoy the design reviews and dialog about completed work and work on-the-boards. As someone that is in the business, perhaps I can demystify why a designer responds regarding the unauthorized duplication of images from their web-site. Designers pay huge fees to photographers (an average of $20,000 for a restaurant and rooms phot-shoot)and spend equal amounts on digital rednerings that they generate themselves and for which they are often not paid. The images are copyrighted and by contract the content is the intellectual property of the designer, not a hotel owner or corporate entity. In fact, the hotels have to pay the designers and photographers for the use of the images and usage rights have to be granted. In this case, Mr. Lenahan's ABA web-site has a clear dis-claimer expressly prohibiting duplication of the images. It is one thing to view an image in a web-site, but it is another to copy the designer's renderings and/or photography and up-load the image to a commercial site that generates advertising revenue, none of which is being passed on to the owner of the copyrighted work (the renderings and photography). I can objectively attest that designers enjoy and benefit from the publicity and commentary on Vegas Tripping and other sites, but it is merely the copying of work (work that has disclaimers prohibiting duplication) that causes responses such as the one posted from ABA's office (not really an angry response either, merely an appropriate reques without involving attorneys to write cease and desist letters). So, to all of this, I say keep up the great work Vegas Tripping, you offer a terrific product and service. But, just as you endeavor to make money by attracting advertisers based upon what you offer on your site, designers ultimately just want to have the ownership and usage rights of their work/concepts (which is their livelihood) honored and upheld. Copying their works and posting them to an internet site and profiting from it without authorization is exactly like shop-lifting. It is illegal. Illegal doesn't equate to 'angry'. It's just against the law. I'm a fan of Vegas Tripping and know that ABA is as well, and I thought I'd share some objective insight on behalf of those of us that are by no means 'stenographers' of the Las Vegas experience, but are true visionaries, dreamers, creators, and authors that are heavily invested in the dynamic of this great place that Vegas Tripping does such a terric job of celebrating so admireably and energetically.

Inter-esting post, almost admireable.

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