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Peeping The Menu: China Poblano and Comme Ça at Cosmopolitan

By Blackjacker1979 on Saturday, 4th December 2010 11:12pm
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Once again internet ferret/skilled hunter/jack of all searches Mac78130 has provided us with some new jewels of information regarding some of the eateries at the soon to open Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

First on the rack is China Poblano, the new concept from Chef José Andrés of The Bazaar and Jaleo (a location of which is also on the plate for the Comsopolitan) fame.

China Poblano Cosmopolitan Menu

Peep the full menu

As the name suggests, the menu is a curious mashup of delicacies from the far east and south of the border. Features range from Twenty-vegetable fried rice which can be customized with lobster or chicken to Scallop ceviche featuring Taylor Bay scallops. Particularly interesting to me is the China Meets Mexico section featuring mashups like Shrimp moo de ago negro, a dish featuring sweet black garlic and roasted poblano peppers. Yum.

Comme Ca Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan Menu

Peep the full menu

Next on the plate, French Brasserie Comme Ça by David Meyers. Featuring local ingredients, the menu is full and runs the course from lunch to late night dining.

Goodies you'll find here run the gambit of what you'd expect in Brasserie fare, with Myer's signature twists thrown in and about. The C.C.B.L.T. featuring bacon, pork belly, romaine and tomato jam is a featured lunch dish. Dinner runs the delicious gambit from delicacies like Escargots Persillade with garlic butter to Steak Frites with Herb Butter in your choice of cuts.

One thing of interest is to point out that prices seem to be completely reasonable for this type of fare, ringing in around the level you'd pay at Society Cafe Encore or Stratta at Wynn Las Vegas. I know my tastebuds are certainly ready for the signature dish sampling on opening night!

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Comments & Discussion:

There's a spelling mistake in the "Comme Ça" menu: "Bouillabase" should be spelled "Bouillabaisse", but it's also very common to find spelling mistakes all over the Paris casino and pretty much any French restaurant in Vegas.

I was really hoping China Poblano would have Dog Tacos.

@JohnD - Or cat burritos or combo dog/cat fajitas.

@Koopa - The Chile Poblano one is rife with mistakes, too: "celolphane" followed by "cellophane" three items later; missing modifier hypens all over in places like "Mayan style"; capitalization inconsistencies, "sichuan," "taylor bay," et al. Details, people, details.

All that stated, I can't wait to try it. Andres has to cook, not punctuate.

Looking at the two menus, Comme Ça piques my interest a bit more than China Poblano. Man there are so many new spots I'm going to have to try to hit my next trip. I may have to spend some time going from place to place within Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The whole China Poblano concept seems so odd. But if any one can pull it off, it would be Jose Andres. I just wonder how long it holds up until it gets "dumbed down"

Count me intrigued and have to agree, prices for this type of restaurant seem very reasonable.

Both menus look interesting but would be more likely to head to China Poblano for lunch and not dinner. Comme Ca is definitely a dinner option when I return to Vegas.

China Poblano full menu pdf now says "coming soon," and seems to be down. I guess somebody spotted the typos and is executing fixations.

BigHoss should have a free desert, at the very least, waiting for him next time he visits.

I've been to the Comme Ca in W. Hollywood and while there's nothing wrong with it, it's also nothing that you can't already find all over town (and better, at least at Bouchon). China Poblano at least looks different.

I can't tell you how many times I've been eating a taco and thought to myself, "Man, this taco is good, but how great would it be if the ground beef was replaced with duck tongues? Or thymus glands! Or a cow's achilles tendon!" When did fine dining turn into a round of Fear Factor?

I think I'll open up a Mongolian burrito stand and give Andres a run for his yen/pesos. First, I'll start with only the finest Mangalitsa hogs, which I will infect with swine flu, and collect the resulting pig snot, which I'll use as a lubricant to masterbate a wagyu bull. I'll use the ejaculate to rudely inseminate a Maine lobster. The offspring of this unholy union will be retarded, ten-uddered crustaceans, prized for their highly marbled exoskeletons. These "kobesters" will graze on asbestos until they form cancerous tumors, which will be harvested and sous vide, then wrapped in a blue corn tortilla and served with a side of fresh pico de gallo. Bon appetite!

^^ Coming soon to "The Harm in Hotel"

Misnomer, you are hysterical. Have to agree though, duck tongue, sweetbreads or beef tongue taco's are something I've been craving recently.

When did fine dining turn into a round of Fear Factor?

I blame Andrew Zimmern......

Misnomer. I bow silently.

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