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Cosmopolitan Opening Meetup Schedule

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 4th December 2010 3:33pm
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The Cosmopolitan grand opening is so close you can feeeel it... 11 days left! Just like last year, we've put together a very informal schedule of times/locations where our fellow Trippers can get together, toss back some cocktails and soak in the sights and sounds.

Here it is, the official schedule of Cosmopolitan opening day meetups! Note, times and locations might change between now and then.

12/14 10:11pm Mandarin Bar // Mandarin Oriental

12/15 6:11pm Chandelier // The Cosmopolitan

12/15 6:15pm Brandon Flowers solo gig at Chandelier Bar // The Cosmopolitan


12/15 8:01pm First Roll at Craps Tables // The Cosmopolitan

12/15 11:11pm Vesper // The Cosmopolitan

12/15 1:11am Bond // The Cosmopolitan

Now if only someone would send us the property map. PLEAAAAAAAASE?

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Comments & Discussion:

Excited to meet everyone!

12/16 4:30am. Brooklyn, New York. Cup of black coffee in hand, sitting at computer, catching up on the coverage and watching you all have the time of your lives. Make me proud.

I'm guessing the Bond rendezvous is happening on the 16th, and not the 15th. Unless the chandelier doubles as a big ass time machine?

12/16, 7:11 a.m.. western North Carolina: Reading Twitter to piece together a backward timeline of the evening's festivities. Have fun, wish I could make it.

I want odds on whether or not I'm physically able to make it to Bond.

I read 2,000 of the 3,000 rooms will be open, with the rest to open in July. 83 table games.

Sounds like employees just got in at a ceremony Friday when occupancy was approved and builder gave John Unwin the keys. They were happy to get access for training as they have no existing properties to use for training purposes.

Just need those craps pit dealers and cocktail waitresses trained and should be good to go!

10pm on a weeknight is too out there for those of us who aren't on vacation. I wonder if I'll be able to get into Cosmo before 8PM without being a hotel guest?

I wonder if I'll be able to get into Cosmo before 8PM without being a hotel guest?

Smuggle yourself in someone's luggage?

Damn,I get in on the 19th. Have fun. Some one give a report on CHINA POBLANO .

I'll try to post some live pics on this facebook:


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