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UPDATED: Peekaboo: Okada At Wynn Renovations

By JohnH on Monday, 6th December 2010 3:44pm
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So far this week, we've brought you photos of the renovations of Wynn's new baccarat salon, new private gaming salons, and the now-open . Well, we just found something else.

Lurking in the far reaches of Todd-Avery Lenahan's ABA design studio website [Project 13 under 'Places'], yours truly stumbled upon some hidden in plain sight renderings of a soon-to-be renovated Okada. I guess Steve was right. They really are sharing their renderings now. That is, until ABA gets a strongly worded letter asking them to remove the images immediately.

Update: Mr. Lenahan hollared at us to remove the images.

From: ABA Design Studio

Comments: We are aware that you have posted unauthorized use of our images and intellectual property on your website. Call Todd. Remove immediately - Okada Restaurant Renovation images.

Long gone are the muted creams juxtaposed luscious blacks, and what pray tell are in their place? Lots and lots of red, gold, and black. Oh, and one big ass tassel utilizing all three colors.

By the way, check out that visual imagery. Am I the only one who thinks the Geisha lips on the ceiling and the woman on the dining room wall are somehow reminiscent of those billboards in Blade Runner? Probably not the image Todd was shooting for, but okay.

The most interesting aspect of all of this, though? It proves that the recent renovations at Wynn aren't exactly representative of the Encoreization of the property. At least, the Encore-Las Vegas-ization of the property. To explain, this new Okada bears some striking similarities to Encore Macau's Golden Flower. You've got similar cacophonous colors combinations and that same garish-but-still-elegant design language repeating themselves here. Looks like we're seeing more and more of the Macau properties creep into the Las Vegas design language. All of this on top of those new high limit spaces that really look nothing like what Roger Thomas and Lenahan did at Encore Las Vegas? It's no longer the Encorization of Wynn, folks. Welcome to the Macanization of Wynn Las Vegas.

Update: The official word from Wynn Las Vegas is (paraphrased): "We have no plans that we can confirm." Ta-daaah.


Comments & Discussion:

There's something missing here. Oh yeah the phantom people that tend to live in architectural and design renderings.....

I could live without the giant lips. Put something else up there, something classy, because a big pair of lips is a bit more "sex sells" than I'd expect from a top-flight restaurant.

Missed the Geisha lips on the ceiling until I read the narrative. Too similar to Geisha House's imagery in Hollywood, I think.

I wonder with the way it's rendered if the lips and the geisha girl are actually led type screens like what cosmo has in their lobby.

For anyone who's interested, ABA has also posted a few photos of the Wynn corporate offices (the final few photos of "Project 18" under "Places"). Nothing spectacularly interesting, but nevertheless, intriguing for anyone who has wanted to see what exactly is behind those doors just off the Esplanade.

Nope, no crushed red velvet or fake gold to see here. Keep moving.

It's all about the lips, Chilson. Split those gills.

Love it! (Other than the lips.)
This can't be an old, rejected design. No way Steve could have conceived this six years ago when he was planning Wynn Las Vegas. Although I like Okada for dinner, its monochromatic approach was a little off-putting to me.

Macau has changed Steve, and Wynncore is slowly evolving into Macau West. Steve is always one step ahead of every other operator in Vegas. Wynn and Cosmopolitan may be soul mates, differentiating their properties from those of all the corporate operators on the Strip.

Detroit, I assume you're referring to my question on Twitter where I wondered out loud if this was a design that was going to be implemented or not. It doesn't have to be old for it to be a rejected design though... Also, I'm wondering why you attribute this to Steve? This is an outside designer's work and while he gets a lot of client input, I don't think it's fair to ABA to assume that Todd was simply stenographer to The Steve's Bramante.

I still hope there's a chance to get actual confirmation on if this is going to be implemented or not - I guess we'll find out in due course either way.

As for the design, I actually dislike it pretty intensely... and I usually like ABA stuff maybe a little more than even Thomas' own designs. So I guess I'm hoping I never have to eat there with giant lips that look like a sushi roll staring down at me - mark me down as a fan of the current design.

RateVegas, yes I was referring to the Twitter question. I may be naive, but I can't believe ABA would put it on its site if it hadn't been blessed by WYNN management, which in my opinion, means Steve. He is so hands-on, especially in restaurant and public area design, I am assuming Steve described his vision to Todd who certainly deserves credit for a show-stopper room. I agree with you on the lips, but the rest is spectacular. You may be on to something. The lips will subliminally encourage diners to order sushi :)

This is great. It's the first time I've ever disagreed with you. It's fun! Also, thanks for making me read up a little on Bramante.

Both on their Web site and in their 'Places' book, ABA has published stuff that never will see the light of day. The site is a sales tool to show what they can do - they publish the designs they think will impress potential customers. I would not necessarily assume that anything on the site is blessed by WYNN just by virtue of it being there.

As for who did what, sure, maybe The Steve described what he wanted in detail and then Todd went off to work it up... I think also possible and perhaps more likely is that Wynn D&D put it out to bid - Roger talked to Todd who then started working on a design. Todd is of course familiar with the work the company has recently built, being a part of it to some degree, hence he draws off of their recent projects when preparing his proposal... and you end up with something that he thinks fits their design trajectory.

Nothing gets built without The Steve giving a thumbs up but most of the details in the resort did not come from his brain, they are products of very talented designers both inside and outside of the company, based in part on direction provided by the boss.

I'm totally speculating, I have no inside knowledge of this particular process beyond how they have described the way that they work in the past, plus just how these things work in general.

Whether it gets built or not is one thing - we'll find out eventually either way I guess... Or maybe they'll pull the designs from the site, giving us another hint.

Man, I love red and all but this just screams geisha whorehouse to me. I really don't like it.

Hunter, I'm with you. Too red! Looks way more Chinese than a Japanese restaurant should. Unless they're changing the menu into that whole pan-Asian thing.

I have yet to try Okada but was very looking fwd to it as one of seemingly few authentic, and authentic-looking, Japanese restaurants on the Strip.

(Yeah, I get the Blade Runner thing too, Chuck...!)

Will there be "a new you" announcements over the pa every few minutes? This place does have a Blade Runner vibe. Maybe they can get Rutger Hauer to show for the opening.

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