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Wynn La Cave Peekaboo

By JohnH on Friday, 3rd December 2010 12:28am
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It opens tomorrow, but we here at VT are so excited about Wynn Las Vegas' new hipster hangout wine and food hideaway, La Cave, that we have been itching to see the place since the day it was announced. As luck would have it, that itch was scratched when I stumbled upon the place in all of its glory on Sunday night.

The Great Seal of La Cave. The thing is garish, gratuitous, and just begging to be decoded by Robert Langdon. By the way, let's not even get started on the white linoleum they're using for most of that exterior protrusion. Blech.

The actual wine bar/lounge/bar/community table/thing and host station. Initial thoughts? Even without all of those seats being filled with actual people, it looks cramped. Throw in the people, hosts taking other people through those back gates and into the restaurant, servers bringing wine over from the bar, and those bringing food out to people on the communal table, and you've got yourself a traffic snarl on the level of Cosmo's soon to open porte-cochere (Note to SAW: Try to remember when you live in a glass house). To say the least, this place is going to feel cramped intimate.

Oh, and the "In Vino Veritas" sign is red. Very red. In reality, it's probably too red. I never thought I'd say that about something at Wynn or Encore, but this thing is so bright that people are going to be able to recreate the very scene that led Steve Wynn to build the mountain at Wynn Las Vegas.

Now, all of these opinions might change when actual people fill the space, but as of right now, you're going to have to color me unimpressed by La Cave. If the food and various wines are great, then I might very well forgive most of these missteps, but come on, this isn't something we should expect to see at a Wynn property. This isn't the articulate design of a Thomas or Lenahan. Instead, this is more or less the same modern, off-the-shelf space that you'll at find at most of the N9NE venues at the Palms. I'd just rather have my missing third of Terrace Pointe back.

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This looks okay, though I have to see how bright that sign is in person. If nothing else, it only took up a chunk of the blandness of Terrace Pointe. I know, but casino coffee shops are always put in places that are considered dead space (witness Cafe Vettro's location in a floorplan that has a lot of dead space.)

Min, you seriously consider Terrace Pointe bland? Have you enjoyed breakfast on the patio?

Ok its not the greatest dining space in Vegas, but its one hell of a "coffee shop." Plus they have some fantastic food. (Or at least in my experience.) Kobe beef sliders? Belgian Waffles? Pancakes? All great.

"...one hell of a 'coffee shop.' "

Absolutely. I couldn't believe it was actually the coffee shop and couldn't even bring myself to go inside my first time there. (MinVegas actually said "bland" about something inside WLV? Whoa.)

JohnH has put into words much better than I could of thoughts which have been nagging me since I first saw the renderings: "This isn't the articulate design of a Thomas or Lenahan. Instead, this is more or less the same modern, off-the-shelf space that you'll at find at most of the N9NE venues at the Palms. I'd just rather have my missing third of Terrace Pointe back."

I do like The Great Seal of La Cave. Dare I imitate Steve Wynn and say that it looks fanciful even if it is over the top?

Blackjacker is sure right about Terrace Pointe. Nothing better than sitting on the patio on a quiet, sunny morning.

When I think of wine bars that I like, they all have 2 things in common; dark "mood" lighting and private spaces. La Cave looks to have bright lighting and very public spaces. Thus, I have no real desire to visit La Cave. Hopefully D.O.C.G. will do a better job creating a proper wine bar.

And yes...Terrace Pointe is a hell of a coffee shop. The giant waffles are a great way to start your day at Wynncore.

One of my favorite (and delicious) Wynn memories is sitting outside at Terrace Point, watching the birds steal and eat sugar packets, talking with other patrons about the "balloon boy" thing that was happening that morning, and enjoying a lobster benedict. Yum!

I predict a very quick makeover early next year. Specifically, the long center table will be replaced with a living room style couch configuration.

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