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Awesome: Hipmunk.com

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 2nd December 2010 6:10pm
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I hate booking airline tickets. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate it. My local metropolis is served by four airports with different airlines 30 miles away from each other. Comparing tickets and prices and layovers and starts and stops is a truly agonizing experience, particularly if you are going overseas.

Well, the ease of internet flight search has taken gigantic leap into the future with a groovy little website called hipmunk.com. For demo purposes I selected a flight from the "Los Angeles Area" to Hong Kong (with final destination being Macau) and this is what resulted:

All flights are listed in descending price order and arranged on a graph according to flight time and duration. Airlines are color coded. Three of the four major Los Angeles "Area" airports are listed - LAX, Burbank, Ontario (not John Wayne Airport.) Another interesting feature in the display of information is the location and length of stopovers. They also give you the opportunity to display "flights worse than this" which are weighted by longer/more layovers, higher price or longer flight times.

Finding and comparing flight information just got incredibly easy. I'm definitely using Hipmunk.com next time I book a flight.

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Comments & Discussion:

I love the option to sort flights by "Agony."
It also gives your destination as "Vegas Baby!" when selecting flights to Vegas. This truly is a hip munk.

Nice, I don't have the same issue with multiple airports, but if I did, I would have been dying for something like this as well.

Maybe it's just different if you live here, but I saw the "Vegas, baby!" thing and died a little inside.

I know that New York has an IATA "city code" -- that is, if you just enter NYC as your airport into any airline or travel website, it'll automatically search Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), and Newark (EWR). Does Los Angeles not having something similar?

I think the IATA code for Los Angeles is SUX but I could be wrong.

Sorry, just couldn't resist.

I have just discovered that SUX is Sioux City. The Web site for the airport?


I'm here all night.

Sux To Be You.

I get to pick between Tampa or Orlando. Tampa is cheaper for both international and domestic flights, unless you're flying to England. Then Orlando has it all the way. If I wasn't 5 hours from Miami I'd fly out of there. They have WAY better deals out of Miami

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