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Revealed: The New Private Gaming Salons at Wynn Las Vegas

By JohnH on Tuesday, 30th November 2010 9:17pm
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A few days ago, my fellow VT contributor MikeE revealed the first photos of Wynn Las Vegas' renovated baccarat salon, and in that piece, made reference to the room's private salons that are, and I quote, "ri-dic-u-lous-ly schmancy pants!"

Well, during my quick twenty-four hour trip to the city a few days ago, VT reader JohnD and I pulled their schmants down and snuck a peek. Take a look for yourself.

Wynn Private Gaming Salon

Gone are the chocolate brown, hand-tacked floral design wall coverings, and in their place, those relatively austere Chinese fan paintings--*cough* Mandarin Oriental *cough*--and almost slate grey mohair tiles. Interesting choices.

Oh, and you know how we've been arguing that most of Roger Thomas' designs for the property as of late (the Wynn room renovations, Lakeside Grill, and the main baccarat salon) have reflected a certain Encorization of Wynn? Well, one need look no farther than those lighting fixtures--which bear a striking resemblance to those in Encore's main high limit salon--to find further proof of that theory.

Furthermore, while I might be tempted to say these salons a step down in terms of pure, unadulterated luxuriousness, they do reflect a certain awareness of their surroundings that their predecessors failed to achieve. Unlike the original salons, the rooms won't feel nearly as musty when those "drapes-that-cost-more-than-your-house" are opened and various whales can look out onto their pool view. Instead, these new cream-inspired rooms will heighten the airy openness that an open-air view requires, and in a sense, will move to heighten the Wynn goal of achieving the perfect interaction between exterior and interior spaces.

Thus, the new private salons are intriguing. I don't know if I'd say they're a step up or a step down for Wynn. Instead, to borrow a line from Chuckmonster's recent Sahara review, they seem to represent a step sideways. Neither better nor worse, they just represent a different, equally luxurious expression of what a luxury gaming space can be.

Now, on to the most important part of all of this: What are the odds on these new salons providing clues as to what the "design language" at Wynn Cotai is going to look like? Anyone?

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Comments & Discussion:

Fantastic carpet.

My pants had to be dried shortly afterward. The combination of Oddjob cutting us off at the pass and the salon's beauty were more than I could handle.

Definitely the Encorization of Wynn (though the mini chandeliers were there previously). During the day with those drapes open, I can't think of a more inviting space in the city to gamble.

Love the ceiling and the two chairs at the far left of the photo. Blackjacker1979 says the carpet is fantastic. I think it looks washed out and non-descript. John H, how does the carpet look up close and personal?

What is the mimimum bet at these tables? (Dont say "if you have to ask you cannot afford it.") I just would like to know. Thanks.

The carpet pattern is nice but really, way too much yellow.

Sort of reminds me of what we have seen of the interior of Encore Macau.. but more in line with what is already at the Vegas properties.
...and I think you are right, JohnH. I bet a lot of these latest changes to the properties could be a hint at what we may see at Cotai.. I am REALLY interested in what that will look like. Since Steveo says they aren't secretive with their designs, perhaps some dumbass architect can "leak" everything for us to see. :) Start looking, mac!

size of cotai "tower suites" should be interesting

Miss Mo, I think the yellow hue is due more to the image quality. The carpet is more beige, almost creme, than yellow.

DoubleDown, there really isn't a minimum bet. Just a $300,000 credit line and a history of action to prove your worthiness. It's not uncommon for one big player to be sitting there betting stacks of chocolate chips while his buddies play greens and blacks.

MikeE that isn't true. The NGC regulates these tightly and they first pushed for a $1,000,000 minimum line but settled at 500k minimum for private salons. They also can't under the regulations accept any wager under $500 (which is probably just that low for the high rollers "low rolling" friends and family that want to play.

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