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Circus Circus Is Barftastic

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 29th November 2010 2:17am
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Don't take our opinion, take the opinion of the recently departed who happened to hurl on the way out of the tent. You only get one chance to make a first impression! My second impression was that the stench from the buffet is nauseating and someone should consider sealing that room to contain it. Fuck-ing-gross yuck eww.

Rock N Rita's

And to think we came to C2 to check out Rock & Rita's 4 bars.

Rock N Rita's

Once again prove my expertise at Chicken In A Pot

Rock N Rita's

Check to see if Star Darts is still there.

Rock N Rita's

Bet on the ponies at Circus Downs.

Rock N Rita's

And see for ourselves that the Horsearound Carousel Bar is being dismantled. Oh the horrors. How much for the ape?

Gross and all, I still had fun. Maybe they shouldn't clean this place but supply plastic gloves and Purell?

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Reminds me of a special time at Encore. The beach club had just opened and I was settled in for a nice stretch at Blackjack with my favorite dealer (Helen) and one of my favorite floor people (Kathy.) Cue funny conversation, mostly about the drunken skanks and pimps walking around us.

As if in horror, Kathy turns to me and makes a face like she's just seen something that would turn her stomach. In reality, the site was worse.

A full meal of pasta from Sinatra puked into the gold plated front of a slot machine courtesy of a girl who had one too many.

It happens everywhere I guess. But barfing at Encore makes you special.

I have a blast every time I go to Excalibur. Just trade in the clown for a knight in dirty, smelly, scuffed up armor, and it's pretty much the same thing. Just get past that sticky spot by the food court, hold your nose in from of Sherwood Forest Cafe and it's all good.

The historic Carousel bar being taken apart is a travesty, I tell you.

I love me some chicken in a pot, Spyder and I have played that game when we were really d-runk, too much fun

I've always enjoyed the Steakhouse.

I am not sure Chuck was really clear on how stinky that place was. It was STANK like whoa near the buffet.

It probably smells better after some ether.....

I ventured into Circus Circus a few times my very first Vegas trip back in 2004, but never hit the area with the carnival games.

Could I get some chicken and some pot?

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