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The Tropicana Sign Game

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 29th November 2010 1:36am
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Just returned from a stay at the brand renewed Tropicana, our first overnight visit since they started de-lousing the place a year ago. In a word - holy - the difference is, frankly, amazing. We will be posting the official VT review of their standard issue hotel rooms as well as a review of one of their fine dining establishments in the next day or so.

One thing we did notice while there is that the Tropicana has more signs per square foot than any other property in Las Vegas. Nearly every table, chair, planter, bannister or flower arrangement had either a "don't touch", "don't smoke" or "don't put your feet on the furniture" sign on it. This property is has more verbose messaging than Windows 95! There were so many signs that we started playing a little "guess which sign is on that table game" - don't smoke, don't touch the flowers or don't put your feet on it?

Tropicana Signs

In spite of (or because of) the omnipresent signage... here's this asshole:

Tropicana Signs

Time to pack everything in Lucite and bubble wrap.

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The Trop is looking better and better for my Summer '11 trip. I definitely need to break out of the Total Rewards rut. Please, just tell me their VP pay tables are better than Harrah's and I'm there baby.

My Bubbie used to put plastic over the chairs and couches. Perhaps the Trop should do the same. Seriously, do they want the guests to be comfortable or do they want the place to look nice? I'd rather stay somehwere where you do not have to choose.

Looks like the Trop needs to hire Ace Rothstein:


LOL -- a great video.

Beating someone with a phone is so gangster.

I love when they show Casino on regular cable and have to substitute the curse words with less-colrful offerings like "flip you", "stinkin" and "filthy".

Hey Chuck,
Where was the photo of the asshole with his feet on the furniture taken at?? Looks SO much different than it did in June.

The fact that they've even got to post these signs shows you that people have little if any respect these days for the furniture and other decorations in hotels. It's already bad enough that folks will smoke in a non-smoking room. The chairs and tables set out in the lobby areas at a hotel are not the same as those in your man cave in your double-wide back in Pig's Knuckle, Arkansas. In short, keep your clodhoppers off the furniture.

That picture was taken on the walkway back towards the Island Tower where I stayed a few weeks ago. He could have sat like that all day because aside from guests going to their rooms or an occasinal bellman no one monitors this area. There is also signage in the bathroom about whether you want the towel over the john changed, on the nightstand to let them know if you want the sheets changed and on the coasters for the four glasses in the room.

So I got me a pen and a paper and made up my own little sign, I said "thank you Trop for cleaning up that wreck that wasn't fine" Oh Signs, signs everywhere is signs....

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