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The New Baccarat Salon At Wynn Las Vegas

By MikeE on Saturday, 27th November 2010 6:49pm
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It was arguably one of the most elegant rooms in the city, but nevertheless, it wasn't enough for Stevezie. Just in time for December's million-dollar baccarat tournament, the new high limit salon at Wynn has opened its doors. Chuckmonster has been on the scene as well as JohnD taking quick snaps of the space.

The southern end nearest Tower Suites. The drapes in the rear are far more inviting than what was previously there. It's like they're almost screaming, "Hey what few whales left in the world who aren't already at Wynn: our private salons just past these sacred draperies are ri-dic-u-lous-ly schmancy pants!"

Wynn New Baccarat Salon Roger Thomas

The eastern end nearest the Baccarat Bar where it's mostly blackjack.

Wynn New Baccarat Salon Roger Thomas

The private hallway that allows Tower Suites guests to sneak in and out away from the public eye.

Wynn New Baccarat Salon Roger Thomas

The verdict? I don't know. A response to Wynn being subject to adjectives like "dreary" and "dark" post Encore opening? An effort to make a more inviting space for the undeniable growth of baccarat? It's an unquestionably beautiful room that replaced an undeniably tough act to follow. I mean, when's the last time Wynn had a ceiling so... so... dare I say... plain? And in a high limit room no less.

Color me indifferent until I get a chance to order my Gibson while flipping over a few hands. I guess when you're tearing out mahogany ceilings that accent the mother-of-pearl against brown nail head mohair, there really isn't much room for interior design improvement.

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Mike_E, before I even read your description, I thought how could Steve Wynn install such a non-descript ceiling in the most luxurious, greatest revenue producing area of the casino?
Then, I noticed the carpet. Also non-descript. I don't get it. At least the draperies exude typical Steve Wynn luxury.

does anyone have pictures of the old version of this?

Could we just say that Roger Thomas proceeded with a study in restraint, while simultaneously reinterpreting that casino design dictum of "Keep them looking straight ahead at all times?"

I kinda like the old High limit room to tell you the truth...:(

does anyone have pictures of the old high limit

The old room was more like 2 linked roomms with tables in both. Is that semi-separation still maintained? I like the color scheme. Same # of tables approximately?

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