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Cosmo Wants To Satisfy Your Inner Howard Hughes

By MikeE on Thursday, 23rd December 2010 3:38am
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Ever wanted to play Howard Hughes? You know, lock yourself up in a nice suite for a couple days and have as little social contact as possible with the rest of the world a la the mogul's final years at the Desert Inn?

Well, now you can with Cosmopolitan's new Raid The Minibar package. Yes, at about a $100 average premium per night, you're allowed all edible contents of the minibar.

The whole thing.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. That is if you're a raging, antisocial alcoholic who will shower and shave with a bottle of Black Label at hand and order nothing but room service. Then again, there's something appealing about a suite with a view facing north strip, your own balcony, slightly warm September nights, and as little human contact as possible for a couple days.

If you've followed my writings in the past, you know that I'm a big proponent of creativity in a city filled with unimaginative hotel packages. And while seeing the value of this one is a little bit of a stretch, it's once again a testament to how the folks at Cosmo are doing things a little different.

Let's toast (with every bottle in stock)!

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"That is if you're a raging, antisocial alcoholic who will shower and shave with a bottle of Black Label at hand and order nothing but room service"

I'm suddenly very very interested in staying at Cosmo.

It looks like they are indeed being very innovative and unorthodox. And that's a good thing.

As someone rather prone to raiding the minibar, this seems like a good deal.

As long as there's real nice booze in Cosmo's minibar, of course.

I wanna shut myself up in a hotel room for a couple days and eat nothing but room service. That sounds just great. I actually plan on doing that for at least ONE day while I'm out at Cosmo. At least I plan on fatting out by the pool all day and doing absolutely nothing

I like different and I like creative. This while not anything earth shattering is a good sign in my opinion. The strip definitely needs some out of the box thinking. I know there are those that don't like the property, but IP after Englestead passed and his daughter took over started breaking the mold a bit on things at their property and it helped a lot until HET bought it. The whole dealertainer area and party pit concept wasn't really anywhere in Vegas at the time, and it changed the dynamic of the property and the strip.

If Cosmo can apply this line of thinking elsewhere on the property it will greatly benefit the strip until of course Deutsche sells out to one of the conglamorates.

Any word on whether Cosmo provides glass jars in which to store one's urine?

You could also recreate the legend of Howard Hughes and the Silver Slipper sign, which he reportedly bought and tore down because the light shined into his room at the Dessert Inn. Just book the Cosmo Hughes package, and then call over to CityCenter and complain of the nasty reflection coming off of the Harmon. Threaten to buy it and tear it down. Guaranteed they let you.

Does it come with tissue boxes to wear on my feet?

I would have to have the entire room covered in paper towels, as well.

Do they also take you to and from the airport in an ambulance?

Hughes thought the FBI had a camera inside the Silver Slipper.

Will they offer Ice Station Zebra as a PPV choice?

John's various calls to room service: "Come in with the milk. Come in with the milk. Come in with the milk" and "I want ten chocolate chip cookies. Medium chips. None too close to the outside."

So freaking worth it!
But we'll have to see what's in the minibar first.
At a place like Wynn you could rack up $100 with 2 items or if you're in a suite there's items over $100.
I won't go Howard Hughes, I'll go Hunter S. Thompson on them.

$100 may not be bad depending on contents, and you know regardless minibar prices are always ridiculous

they also have packages with 8PM checkout, or substantial F&B credits

definitely good stuff so far, hope it continues

also hoping they reveal some amazing rooms in the future >
dec 15 - 2008 rooms
by july 2011 - additional 968 rooms
after july 2011 - additional 19 rooms

This isn't all that different from the Planet Hollywood "Book a room and the bottle is on us" promo from two years ago, except that the booze is most likely better quality and smaller quantity.

Serious pro drinkers will pack their own tipple or spend $50 in the sundries shop.

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