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Don't Cancel Your Cosmopolitan Reservations, Ever

By MikeE on Tuesday, 23rd November 2010 11:33am
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Don't Cancel Your Cosmopolitan Reservations, Ever

My parents share a birthday in mid/late December three days apart from one another. The easiest gift? Take them to Vegas. The problem? They're impossibly indecisive.

"Just use your comps where you can. We don't want to be too much of a burden."

But then after booking Bellagio:

"Oh, but I miss the lovely people at Encore Tower Suites."

And, of course, on top of that:

"There's a new casino opening again this year?!"

In the end, I wind up with enough reservations and cancellations to make my head spin. Among those this year are no less than three bookings at Cosmopolitan, all for Wraparound Suites. One of those reservations had to be cancelled after coming to the conclusion that I'll only be spending opening night.

Now, from graffiti art in the parking garage to server-based interiors, we all know Cosmo's been doing everything a little different than everyone else. That includes the e-mail they send you after you cancel.


Um, ex-girlfriend much?

Allow me to add color to the above highlighting what your ex is really thinking:

"Dear Mike,

It goes without saying that we're totally disappointed you won't be able to make it. [What?! Oh no you didn't! You are not dumping me!] Not only were we looking forward to having you as our guest, but we had every intention of making this your most memorable visit to Las Vegas ever. [Good luck finding another girl who'll treat you like me.] We're sure you have your reasons [apparently I wasn't good enough for you], and whatever they may be [you're probably a cheating bastard], we hope you'll consider joining us here at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas some time in the very near future [yes, I still want you back]. To say the least, it's an amazing place [because where are you going to find an ass like mine?].

Until then, let us know if there's anything at all we can do for you [asshole].

Gratefully [Fuck You],

The Staff

I've still got two reservations with you and there's enough MikeE to go around, babe.

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Comments & Discussion:

I think it's a nice casual letter.
type letter that normally gets sent.

By the way, I just went through a round of cancellation/re-bookings for Oktoberfest in Germany next year, so I know what you mean by having to go through the whirdwind of crap.

We'll be at the Cosmopolitan in March.

Reading a little too far into things?

I like it... at least gives you the impression they care.

I guess it's not something one of the lovely people over at the Encore Tower Suites would send out. It's missing the butterflies ;)

funny Mike, I have also reserved 3 times, cancelled 2. They must not have had that letter ready when I last cancelled. Well if you are staying only the 15th and I am staying 16th-18th, I assume I'll get your room. Be sure to leave any leftover bacon somewhere I can find it, but housekeeping won't. If this goes anything like Aria last year, on top of the pillow should work!

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. You made three reservations and canceled one just so you could get a break-up letter from Mistress Cosmo to show to your wife, Mrs. Encore. Hope it works out for you pal but you're playing with fire. The Stever might send Garth Brooks out to hunt you down.

These people are letting the marketing people run things just a little too much if even their cancellation notices have "attitude."

All things Virgin (the Richard Branson label) tend to have that going on, too. The airline keeps it pretty professional, fortunately, but I know the mobile phone service was always XTREME TO THE MAX BRAH even on the support line menu system.

I guess they're going for that "Hey, we're your buddy!" vibe. Seems....a tad unprofessional.

yeah I'm pretty upset with the lack of professionalism in Vegas.

All I want is to not have to communicate with anyone pre-visit. True story.

It might come off as unprofessional to some... but others may find it creates a more personal impression.

I admit I tend to prefer professional distance. That's my own preference though. Some do enjoy the personal touch.

I would rather get the personal touch. It shows than even if they dont mean it they wished you had come there.

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