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Aria Wins Five Diamond Award

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 22nd November 2010 4:23pm
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Hot off the wires, Aria has won a Five Diamond Award from AAA, proving once again that the AAA Diamond awards are a bunch of horseshit.


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I give them two gold turds. Out of 8.

I give them 4004 broken Control 4's out of a possible zero.

Dean Wormer gives it a zero point zero.........

Did he tally the score before or after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

I guess this was expected... But almost always a 5 Diamond AAA rating also means at least 4 Forbes Stars. Yet was Aria even rated for the 2011 Forbes guide? Ruh-roh.

I heard he got the scores from the guys at the Jewish house.....

Yet another reason I put no faith in AAA diamond ratings. One might as well just check out Trip Advisor and stay at a Hampton Inn cuz it's duh best.

This reminds me of a situation where my buddy big dog got a blow job in high school at the Taco Bell drivethru in exchange for a 29 cent taco. He didn't charge extra for the sour cream.

I don't remember the chicks name, we just went down in legend as "Taco for a BJ".

I saw her again once, years later, in an ameteur strip contest where she placed last. That night I went home with a hot girl named Brandy who turned out to be her friend. When I realized the relationship I inquired about "Taco for a BJ"s real name. Brandy "cleared her throat" and whispered in my ear, ever so softly......"Aria"

Five Diamond accommodations? Most certainly. The place is gorgeous and very well appointed.
Five Diamond service? Oh HELL no. The service was better than at any Harrah's property I've stayed at, but not even close to the level of service I'm used to Five Diamond hotels providing.

You can see how the rating process for AAA Diamonds works here:

If you really want to dig into it, this 47 page pdf file lists every standard that has to be hit to earn each rating (1-5).

I used to work in hotels, and from what I could tell, the AAA evaluation is basically someone coming in to make sure you offer the services you claim... and that's about it. If you think about it, there's not a lot of ways to make money rating hotels, and I imagine most these rating systems are derived from unpaid volunteers and traveling staff on other business who may or may not be savvy on the many aspects of a high end hotel operation. So most likely the most relevant information your going to get is from niche sites like this and some of the better thought out reviews on trip advisor.

I for one congratulate Aria.

I had a great time there. Apparently the evaluation people did as well.

Indeed, given how disastrous Aria's opening actually was, its a surprise they managed to bring the hotel up to a sufficient level of service within 1 year to get the AAA rating. Of course, given how inconsistent the reports on Aria have been, there's obviously a level of good luck that the evaluator didn't run into any large service or tech problems.

After staying there 15 nights in the last 11 months since Aria opened (all but 2 or 3 comped), I would say its improved enough that I would pay to stay there if it wasn't so far away from the strip. That Death March is way too far to maintain any self-respecting Americans BMI obesity levels in light of their sparse buffet.


I'm a big guy too, and I hate exercise. But really, whining over the length of the walk to the Strip, calling it a "death march," is just plain excessive.

The distance Aria is set back from the strip is roughly the same as Bellagio is. The difference is that Bellagio has a motorized walkway to bring people in. And I concede, I think it would be helpful if they installed travellators on the sidewalks around Citycenter Place.

But really... "death march" is an immensely hyperbolic way to put it. It isn't a long walk to the strip.

Indeed, that little extra exercise helps justify an extra meal. And you don't have to eat at the buffet. You can get truffled fries and creamy pastries on the main floor (at Skybox and JPP respectively).

I'm guessing you've never read BJ's trip reports before. They are FULL of hyperbole and other mild exaggerations! ;-)

Can someone tell me where the motorized walkway into Bellagio is?

Quoted from StudiodeKadent:

"It isn't a long walk to the strip."

I'll have to admit I took poetic license in my hyperbole. But having walked strip to Bellagio and strip to Aria more times than I care to admit, I feel it is a long walk. Now that could just be my laziness speaking so I am curious how others feel about it. Perhaps I need to just "sack up" and realize it isn't a long walk.

How about a poll?


I thought you could swim to Bellagio's front door. Maybe he means the moving walkway at Bally's-io?

The walk? My last six trips have been to Venetian, Flamingo, and Bally's, and I've crossed LV Blvd only twice, and that was just to get to Treasure Island from Venetian. Getting to those back-lot joints is a pain in the ass.

Get over it folks!, The ARIA is a great Hotel/Casino.

The moving walkway into Bellagio starts at the base of it's strip marquee. Runs along an open pergola to the valet area by the main entry.

well spank my ass and call me Sally, I've never been on that walkway.

I'm assuming its on the south side of the property, near the the parking garage? I guess I've always walked on the sidewalk along the drive curving around Lake Titicaca.

Anyway I've learned today that less people than I thought believe the location of Aria to be a problem. Well that and if Rich buys a piano for $500 and 15 years later finds $10,000 inside, he should include that in his gross income under the "Treasure Trove" concept. I guess that explains the hooker giving Macker a W-2G when he found that Lyle Alzado Super Bowl ring.

On the upside I guess I can cross "Puking in a 5-diamond property elevator" off my bucket list.

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