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The Center of Confusion Has Changed

By MikeE on Tuesday, 16th November 2010 9:39pm
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Kicked while they're down. Poured salt on their wounds. Dickpunched to death.

After all CityCenter's been through, having to get grouped with Cosmopolitan - the competition that might be the final stake through CityCenter's heart - must scald the taint like no other.


Something tells me that no amount of building wraps will aid in segregating these two.

Thanks to the Friesster for bringing this to our attention.

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Comments & Discussion:

Considering you walk past Cosmo to get to City Center everyone is going to make this mistake.

I suppose in better economic times MGM would have just bought up the Cosmo and folded it into CC. I still think that's likely at some point down the road.

Weatherman, at some point down the road, I think Cosmo will buy CC.

It seems to be to be just an innocent misunderstanding rather than a severe insult or anything.

And I don't think its entirely fair to say Cosmo is the "competition to put the stake through CityCenter's heart." Cosmo and Aria are very different places. Whilst they both have a modernist feel, Cosmo has a strong condo-hotel feel to many of the rooms. They do have a similar line-up with restaurants, and I think Cosmo has an advantage in terms of variety there.

If anything, I think both resorts will be in a great position to exchange customers. The kind of person that enjoys Aria will probably find quite a few things to enjoy at the Cosmo, and vice-versa.

So, their hotel facilities are very imperfect substitutes at best, and whilst their casinos do seem very similar aesthetically, Aria has the advantage on network externalities (i.e. being part of the MGM Players Club) whilst Cosmo has the strip-view casino with casino cabanas.

Next time I go to Vegas I'll be staying at Aria but I'm certainly going to check out the Cosmo.

Being as the whole damn thing was built at the same time as CityCenter, I assumed it was part of it as well. I know they're owned and operated by a different company, but I thought it was a joint venture and not just MGMs new flair.

After Cosmo's original developer defaulted and Douche bank (not a typo) took control, I always assumed that City Center would absorb Cosmopolitan. Glad it didn't.

As for casino play, If you are staggering down the strip and want to play some quick Blackjack, What are you going to pick? Cosmo, whose casino will be a few seconds from curbside, or Aria with its seemingly half-mile walk from the strip?

On every other Vegas forum, it's assumed that Cosmo is a part of CityCenter, too. Read half the posts about it on the LVA forums, or TripAdvisor. People will be surprised when their M|ilf card doesn't work in the machine -- or, knowing the people I typically see, they won't even notice it isn't working and just play anyway.

@sumo you should tell those lva / trip advisor folks to stop wasting their time there and come here.


Actually, it is a typo. It is Deutsche Bank (i.e. "German Bank"), not Douche Bank.

And as for where I'd be playing BJ, depends on several factors. 1) rules (i.e. will they have liberal strip rules at $25 or even lower?), 2) Where am I currently staying? 3) Easiness of getting comps. Of course, drunken stumblers may be a slightly less reasonable species.

I love that Cosmopolitan commercial.

I suppose we'll see who eats who, but I can't imagine Deutsche Bank wanting to be in the casino business forever. Whenever they get a good offer ie MGM isn't up to their tits in debt, there will be a merger.

I agree Weatherman2111. I think at first what will happen is MGM is made a managing partner of the casino (integrating it into the Players Club, etc). It would be a reasonably low-cost way for MGM to leverage its network externalities and make more cash without making a huge investment.

If I were in charge I'd probably make the Cosmo a slight touch more mass market oriented than Aria or Bellagio... target a younger and edgier crowd... like PHo but with a bit more suave. Of course that's kind of hard to do with the condo-tel flavor of the rooms.

That is an intriguing question... how would one differentiate the Cosmo from Aria? I mean... Cosmo is basically an Aria-esque casino with Vdara-style condo-tel rooms (with balconies and Japanese-style tubs).

If MGM eventually managed to become managers of the casino, how would they differentiate the product?

The Cosmopolitan is marketed to the Curious Class, which isn't defined by financial status. Picture two suitcases on a baggage carasel at McCarren. The first is Louis Vuitton, hardly used, looks as pristine as the day it was purchased (which may have been right before the flight.) The second is a beat-up leather shoulder bag. It's got wear and tear, maybe a few patches from various worldwide destinations. If you look inside, you're likely to find a remnant or two of previous trips. This owner likes to experience the world...the Curious Class.

If MGM managed the Cosmopolitan, they would destroy the culture that's being developed there. I can't say too much, but trust me...once you get inside, the difference will be obvious. Cosmopolitan will fellate you while slapping you in the face...and you're going to like it.

^^ At first I was going for this, but after considering the logistics, and realizing that the felltor would have to have a 7 foot wingspan, I've decided to pass. I don't need a BJ from LeBron James (LeBJ?).

^^ Agreed. May I suggest fellating me while slapping me on the butt instead? That would definitely pique my "Curious Class" interest. I'd enjoy it, I promise.


Do you work with/for Cosmo? No need to answer if you'd rather not.

I see your point about Cosmo... it always struck me as "Aria's more adventurous, 'indie' younger sibling" in some respects, but I don't think its entirely fair to say that the marketing isn't directed on the basis of income level. After all it is a luxury joint and hotel rates do seem higher than Aria's (at least during January, which I admit is probably a bad sample since the place will still have tons of people flocking to the 'new place').

As long as I can get some meal discounts for playing there, I'll be fine comp-wise. Of course that will have to be above and beyond my usual 4 hours play at the MGM properties.. (next time Im in LV, I'm bringing my folks and we'll be staying in a Sky Suite at Aria, and I want to get some comps/discounts).

while the average walk up tourist might think so, who cares? The average walk up tourist isn't really what either place wants anyway on the gaming floor, and for the restaurants, it's more a matter of walk up business anyway, to a certain degree and those looking for one or the other are going to likely get it right through some research.

Will Cosmo benefit from walk up traffic, sure, but I don't necessarily think it hurts Aria. What hurts Aria is their public places aren't walk up accessible, doesn't matter much that it has a new property to compete with, will some headed for Aria head there, sure but if they were set on getting to Aria they'll get their eventually.

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