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Cosmo Interior Peekaboo: The Casino Floor (Pics)

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 15th November 2010 1:52pm
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Cosmo Interiors

Our compadres over at The RateVegas, have been gifted a fantastic array of interior photos of Cosmopolitan's casino floor.

The interior design is smart, sharp, bright and elegant. Lighting, design and layout are contemporary, artsy and somewhat reminiscent of Aria's casino floor.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of design in my eyes is the use of "server based architecture" wherein various walls can be digitally redressed with the click of a mouse. The above photo is of this area done up as a library, another iteration looks like a swath of undulating sucker fish. Check out the videos to see a bunch of the different looks they're offering.

The casino carpet is also worth mentioning, the bursting flowers with suit petals look like the quirky child of Wynn Las Vegas and Slots-A-Fun. As a stickler for branding, I am disappointed with the color scheme. One would think / hope / expect that the colors of the carpeting would match or even compliment the Cosmopolitan's branding color scheme - white, purple, gray, black.

Regardless, from what we can see, it looks like they are in the finishing touches and tweaks stage at this point. Check out all the Cosmo casino floor photos and videos here.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas opens in 30 days on December 15, 2010 at 8pm sharp. We will see you there!

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Comments & Discussion:

Awesome! Love this place more and more

Those super high tech walls are amazing... VERY impressed. Can't wait for my recently planned stay at Cosmo in Feb! And hopefully I can sneak some peaks when I am out there next week.

I love how it looks! Kind of like Aria but with richer colors; blues and purples and reds... (whereas Aria is more into the golds, silvers and browns, relatively speaking). Decoration style is very similar to Aria, although I think there's a touch of MGM Grand in there, too.

Overall it looks like a very nice, very impressive place. Fits perfectly with the whole "modern-edgy-indie" feel they're going for.

Those that think Aria is dull will obviously prefer the Cosmo. I love Aria's casino but the Cosmo looks awesome too.

Nice sneak peek at the new look ratevegas site as well

Totally staying here in July. Maybe split my stay up between here and Mirage

That carpet is beyond terrible. I had flashbacks to Laugh-In reruns.

Oooooo! Do want to gamble at.

I walked down the stairs after wandering past City Center and you could see the workers finishing off the casino. It looked cool to me.

That carpet doesn't match. Would it have been that crazy to have matching carpet?

Did you guys see the new pics with the chandelier? Holy crap!

I can assure you the carpet does indeed match the drapes.

The drapes, the walls, the furniture, the ceiling, everything. There is not one square inch that hasn't been completely examined and detailed. It's a thing of beauty.

Wait until you see the $35mil chandelier...from the inside out.

Personally, I prefer it when there is no carpet at all. That's a good time to lay some hardwood.

Damn you, Misnomer....
....I am so sending you my coffee bill.

I like some carpet. More natural.

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