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Rita Splits Harrah's For Venetian

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 11th November 2010 1:26pm
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Norm! sez that Rita Rudner, "comedian", will leave the luxurious confines of Harrah's and move two doors north to the loverly Venetian starting in January 2011. The Other Steve posted his contract related grilling of Mrs. Rudner from the VPP, which lends perfect evidence to all you Captain Hindsights out there.

Honestly, I just wanted to use that old graphic again.

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Comments & Discussion:

Anyone else thing she just looked angry the whole time she was at VPP?

I guess they'll fill the three days a week she was working with another Legends In Concert performance those nights. If I want to see comedy at Harrah's, I'll go to the Improv.

I always thought that Emo Phillips was much funnier.

Blackjacker: It was either utter hatred that she was forced to be there or that she has quite possibly the worst set of Restylane injections known to man. Or both.

Actually, I went to VPP because I really like Steve Freiss and he was kind enough to invite me. So I wasn't "forced to be there" and I certainly wasn't angry (or injected!) And we always enjoy listening to you on Vegas Gang podcasts when we drive between Las Vegas and Orange County. I have no idea what I've done to engender so much pissy hostility. I guess I've been so successful that it's irritated you all. Sorry! Love, Rita.

^^I love you Rita!!^^

@rita Do you think Bill Hicks would've posted that comment?

Another satisfied listener!

Meh.. no need to be a dick just for the sake of being a dick, Chuck.

Now other entertainers had shown up for an event on time and ready to go, and found that they had to sit in the cold awkwardly for 45 minutes waiting for a wedding to end before they could turn on the speakers to continue, they probably would have taken off. I wonder what looks I had on my face sitting there waiting...it was cold! Give the woman a break. When she was on, she was totally endearing & entertaining, and the attendees gave her an enthusiastic reception.

There are times, almost all of the time, when the podcasts and websites are at the top of their game, engendering interest and enthusiasm for Vegas and camaraderie among fellow followers. But petty attacks, such as judging Rita based on the look on her face while waiting in the cold with 100 people staring at her...it sucks the energy and joy out of what you're doing.

(And as I write this I am watching a spoof on "Family Guy" with a comedian called "Carrot Scalp.")

@hank i'm not being a dick. i'm just asking a question... entertainers, particularly comedians, deal with cranks, catcalls and hecklers all the time. Perhaps her reaction to John's comment can be better understood in that light. Bill Hicks was known for going completely off the handle when dealing with cranks in the audience. See YouTube.

More often than I would like to admit, I find myself on the receiving end of untrue accusations, hateful comments and more recently actual physical threats to my health and safety because of this website. As microscopic as this VT-related notoriety is, I still had to learn how to deal with this stuff... laugh at it and react in my own way - ignoring 99.8%, responding to fewer and laughing about the rest. Ms. Rudner is an entertainment professional. She's been working and succeeding in show business for 25 years.

Yes, JohnH's comment was a little harsh, but when I reviewed it after submission, I saw it as a joke: "Rita wasn't upset, the botox made her face stuck that way."

Still waiting for Murren to post a comment. Hi Jimbo!

I think if anyone wanted to make a really hurtful botox comment around here, they'd stick with Robin Leach or maybe the new Cirque "Viva Jacko" show.

She's had helluva run. When she started, no one thought cerebral humor would work on the big stage in Vegas beyond a limited engagement, and she proved everyone wrong.

Ms. Rudner has been a strong performer for NY NY and then at Harrah's and Las Vegas Sands was smart to sign her. Good entertainment AND dining lineup at Venetian/Palazzo, as strong as anyplace in the city. When you announce the Trippies, Chuck, maybe we can discuss the Strip dining/entertainment scene on the next Vegas Gang.

@Hank Lighten up Francis......

A few photos of her that I saw that folks had tweeted from VPP gave the impression that she didn't look happy to be there. Those photos could have just simply been a case of timing.

Sorry guys, looking back I think my original comment came off way too serious...I need to lighten up. This time I'll just emphasize how often y'all ARE at the top of your game making Vegas that much more fun for me. I'll keep this Marge Simpson line in mind before I chime in next time.... "sometimes one person can make a difference, but most of the time they probably shouldn't!"

Nice discussion, always an interesting part of Las Vegas internet boards, but back to the subject though, I think it's a solid move for the Venetian, fills a hole they've had in their entertainment lineup (albeit Wayne Brady filled it for a bit). But in truth they've managed to put together a solid group of shows at the V and Palazzo over time. Blue Man group had some legs when it moved, Phantom's done well, and Jersey Boys for the most part has been a success. RR let's them bring in a lower price ticket to perhaps market to another group. Well that's assuming ticket is in the $40-$50 range, but even if not they can comp the crap out of it. Does the V keep all entertainment in house? Are they 4 walling there?

Anyway, I think it's a solid landing spot for now.

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