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Here's Your Players Card, Ma'am or Dude, Where's My Card!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 11th November 2010 1:09pm
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If I could count the number of hours I've spent waiting on line to register for or replace a comp club card, I'd probably have enough time saved up to wait on line for the next few years of standing in line.

Some joints - M and Wynn come to mind - have noticed the problem and decided to be proactive about it, sending an army of Comp Card Queens out onto the slot floor to gather new sign ups and replacements and do the card running for you.

Aria's implementation of M Life is planning on one-upping this solution by providing Comp Card Queens with the ability to accept sign ups and card replacement by mobile device. You want a card? Give your info, get your card. You lost a card? Here's a replacement. Boom, done.

The convenience for those of us who refuse to stand in line for anything is epic, but it pales in comparison to the ease with which these resorts are going to start bulldozing our player information into their already massive databases.

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When I was at Aria in August, I noticed a Comp Card Queen roaming the sparsely populated gaming floor looking for non-card-carrying players. I didn't notice a mobile device, though. That must be forthcoming.

The big lines are when they run promotions which require you to redeem at the player's club. The Venetian is the worst offender.

Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood installed three or four replacement card machines a year ago. Swipe your Driver License, and the machine spits out a replacement Wild Card immediately. Still have to wait in line to set up a Wild Card account.

Instant give your info get a card at NYNY while you are siiting at a machine.Now I get an email offer a day from each MGM property.The offers vary but usually about 10-20% below the sites reservation calendar rate.

A Comp Card Queen rolled up to me while I was playing the penny slots at MGM last May when I was in for the Ricky Hatton beatdown by Manny Pacquiao. It's a pretty nice convenience. I hate lines. I think I've earned about 15 cents since I signed up!

If I have misplaced my card, I just give my driver`s license to the pit supervisor who produces a new card while I play. There is no need to stand in line at the Player`s Club desk to replace a comp card.

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