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Even More Cosmo Print Ads!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 11th November 2010 11:25am
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Our trusty internet ferret Mac90210 managed to find the full run of Cosmopolitan print ads currently running in glossy magazines, billboards and bus benches worldwide.

Check em:


This is the first one we stumbled across.


This is the second one we found, see higher resolution version.


A new one.


I think this is the ad that is on the 15 Fwy out by South Coast, but new for our discussion. see higher resolution version.

And to round out the entire set of media advertisements, here's the TV commercial.

In retrospect, I don't really see how the tv ad and the print ads snap together. The print ads are about "opening soon" while the TV ad is about the 'right amount of wrong' branding message. Seems to me that the timing of the release of these should've been switched, with the print ads coming a month before the TV ad.

I see by our trust countdown clock on VT homepage that Cosmopolitan opens in 34 days. Exciting!

Thanks Mac for snagging the collection!

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Comments & Discussion:

These are strong efforts in both print and broadcast. Visually arresting with enough attitude to create interest. A new brand needs some stopping power when trying to separate from the masses of other Vegas advertising. These executions stop you to consider what is going on. It makes me look forward to the post-opening wave of work. It makes me think about the casino/hotel. That is way more than most marketing efforts for other casinos.
One measure of uniqueness is to consider if another casino could use the same execution. I do not see it working in the same way. Therefore it is attempting to carve out a separate position. Will it work?
What will reality deliver? What will the brand feel like if they have to run room price ads in the future? Will they go the way of the generic waste of media space Aria ads?

Love the tag line. They need to add a gaming table into the print ads.

Whatever the reason, I know I'm excited for Cosmo to open. Last year at this time I was not excited in the least for City Center, so they must be doing something right.

I like the style but I don't find the campaign entirely unique, to me it brings back memories of Hard Rock Hotel marketing from the early 2000s when they brought in David LaChapelle to create images for their room keys and some print ads, and also the "Temptation to Cheat" print ad from 2004 that they got into trouble over

I also think Palms Place and THEhotel have each tried for the same vibe in the past, but they played it straight without any of the surreality of the Cosmo campaign.
Palms Place:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3fi_2LEN_U

More recently you can see Hotel32 also trying to wedge itself into this market:

One big difference though is that those places all made an effort to showcase the property itself, by shooting their sexy models on-location.

Cosmo has yet to bring their campaign down to earth and actually show us the real-world building where all these magical exotic people (and fluffy animals, apparently) are supposedly going to be mingling with us.

As far as whether or not the campaign will work, well - Hard Rock is about to go bankrupt, Palms Place and THEhotel have long since burned out their 15 minutes of fame, while Hotel32 never even managed to get in that much time before it completely dropped off the radar.

I think Cosmo is taking a huge risk assuming that it will be able to build long-term business around a core market that only ever spent real money in Vegas from 2003-2008, but who knows? Maybe a lot of tattoo models and scruffy poets are also Marriott Rewards Platinum members...

Looks like the print ads I saw towards the front of the Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine in this month's issue.

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