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Cosmopolitan Announces Grand Opening Time

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 9th November 2010 3:28pm
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I've been wondering exactly what time the Cosmopolitan was going to open its doors. 7:11pm, 11:21pm, 10:11pm, 11:59pm, 9ish? etc...

Thanks to that amazing technology known as a press release we now know... Cosmopolitan will open at:


Prime time baby! This should make most of the locals happy, as they'll get to oogle the newest kid on the strip AND be home in bed just in time for Carson.

Heeeeeeeeeere's Unwin!

Speaking of John Unwin...

Dude John, baby, howzitgoin? just so you know... I'm probably the only guy you'll be able to find who has the experience required to throw out the ceremonial first roll of the dice. In addition, I'm planning on being there anyways. Let's make it happen big guy! Campari and soda on me!

Lastly, the opening night entertainment will feature Cirque Du Soleil the Killers frontmang Brandon "B-Flo" Flowers, Mayer Hawthorne (?) Beats Antique (??) and Nervo (???). All of which are great with me.... I love music and am willing to trust their curatorial judgement for opening night. Hoorays!

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Comments & Discussion:

Will there be fireworks??

If you are throwing the dice, you need an ace camera guy to capture the moment.

I'm actually following Chuck around with a camera to see what debauchery he causes this time around. (snicker)

^^ yeah, what Dave said. Plus he's the official historian of casinos... who better to document such an occasion. it's a complete package i tell ya. mmm... this key lime pie is delicious.

i'll beyond my best behavior.

Now if you can just find an Ed McMahon costume for you and a Carnac hat for Unwin. A little alternate grooming and Mike_E could be Doc Severinson.

"alternate grooming"

Is B-Flo the spawn of K-Flo?

beats antique = A++

Yo Chuckmonster... "North Las Vegas is where you go when you've f**ked up once too often on the Strip, and when you're not even welcome in the cut-rate downtown places." Can we look forward to a North Las Vegas Tripping site in the near future?

^^ jucfers - no. :)

check-in starts at 3PM so I'll be there by 2:30 and see if they'll do it early! ;-)

Trying to decide if I should go for the dice pit, pai gow table, or baccarat. Maybe I can find the table where the guy is running "guess a number."

Who in the blue hell is Nervo?

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