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Aria To Spin Off Sky Suites Brand

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 9th November 2010 3:56pm
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Aria Sky Suites

Hidden in plain sight or tucked away in a centrally located tower within the Aria octopus of hotel wings are the Sky Suites, Aria's answer to Tower Suites at Wynn | Encore.

Both Sky Suites and Tower Suites are intended to be the exclusive wing of their respective hotels, appealing to the upper echelons of their clientele with luxurious suite products, private secured entry and breathtaking public areas and service.

Aria Sky Suites

I can certainly attest that what I've seen of their suite product is freakin' awesome (blackjacker1979 will be posting a review shortly) even with the technical snafutti. As for private secured entry, the entrances are certainly private, almost impossible to find without the recent addition of modest "Aria sky suites" placards by the doorways. Security, while present, is virtually non-existant, we waltzed right by using the "act like you belong here" technique. Breathtaking public areas, well... this is what the lobby looks like:

Aria Sky Suites

It certainly took my breath away... by its classless ugliness. I've been to municipal building waiting rooms that were more luxurious than this heap. Fluorescent ceiling lights? Maybe they're trying to appeal to well heeled DMV workers? Who knows... but I do know that if I were a big time high roller who was used to the best things in life I'd do a 180 and take the next tram to Bellagio. Then again, such a reaction would probably fit in perfectly with MGM's City Center strategy of running the place almost into the ground until Dubai World walked away for a pittance of a buy out.

Feeling that they have a hot commodity on their hands, or at least a new brand / logo, the CityCenter honchos are planning on spinning off the Sky Suites brand and logo. I'm taking this to believe that they are going to actually promote "sky suites" as a separate brand / booking engine within the MGM flotilla of properties in the same way they do the Skylofts and THEhotel down the street. I'd suggest they remove the space and put an exclamation point on the end... y'know like this AriaSkySuites! It lends it a distinctly superhero vibe. Teaser? How about "Suites Fit For A Superhero!"

It is worth nothing that JohnH refers to Encore Tower Suites in acronym form - E.T.S.. I somehow doubt that he will be doing so when referring to Aria Sky Suites.

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Comments & Discussion:

@chuckmonster- You assume that I would ever willingly refer to Aria Sky Suites for some reason in the first place.

Too many overlapping brands (also Hotel32 at MC). MGM should redesign the lobby and re-brand the suites as either a Skylofts or THEhotel, both of which have earned some name recognition.

And don't forget to bring back the free top shelf booze!!!

Junior College Student Lounge chic.

Almond, Avocado and Harvest Gold? Hey Jim, the 1974 Sears catalog called - it wants its kitchen appliance section back.

I'm going to just stop believing any of this stuff until I see it, because VT has been posting so many Aria re-think articles that I'm starting to doubt their honesty. Not that I think Chuck is trying to pull our legs, I think he's possibly being fed a load by someone, though.

MGM just occasionally throws crap out there to see what sticks to the wall. Remember those (supposedly casino-less) Bellagio's that they were supposedly going to build? I swear I could hear the laughter coming from behind those non-descript doors in the Wynn shopping corridor the day they put that one out.

@mtc their ship has leaks and we got the water.

@minvegas here's a casino-less Bellagio that was planned http://www.dubaipearl.com/info/bellagio-hotel

Thanks for the photo of the lobby. It'll save me a trip of walking over there and checking it out.

I just stayed in a Sky Suite. Compares to a Wynn Parlor but seems smaller. Ditto Encore Parlor and EP's have the massage room. Separate entrance is limo only. I drive so the North valet was easy and fast, but no Wynn Tower Suite separate entry.
No wonder they cut the free booze, no security.
I look forward to Chuck's take.

Well, okay.

They really need to figure out what to do though and stick to it. There's a lot of ideas in the past week or so of posts (I wouldn't go with porn slapping) and just doing all of them is probably the worst tactics imaginable.

Had to check the calendar to make sure today wasn't April 1. How could MGM build a lobby like that? Oh wait. Murren prides himself on never having checked out Tower Suites lobby or any other high end property. I expect that back of the house areas at Bellagio and Wynn are nicer than this. Murren's got to go.

Oh my. This is just... bad. My eyes are bleeding. This is worse than some of my 1st year "Hobby Design" students. I've seen more comfortable Dentist's offices.

And what's up with the poly-filled Ross sequined throw pillows??? AND SUNFLOWERS??? We have some serious (lack of) color and (minimal to zero) scale.

That picture reminds me of the entire Aria experience. The place feels like a UPS office. Brown, brown, and brown. I'll take those gorgeous reds at Wynncore anytime.

I like Aria (I didn't stay in a Sky Suite when I was there though), but I admit the Sky Suite Lobby looks terrible.

The actual casino itself, and the normal lobby, is so. much. cooler.

I loved pretty much everything I saw at Aria. Now I've seen the Sky Suites Lobby I can say that there is a part of Aria that doesn't look awesome.

Unfortunate since next time I stay at Aria it will be a Sky Suite (for the extra service, free limo transfers etc).


Me and my friends are staying there for a bachelor party in May. Do you think this is going to be a problem for about a dozen people in their mid 20s? Should we look into staying somewhere else?

The problem with spinning off a higher end brand is the the fact that it deteriorates the perceived quality of the lower-end inventory. It's precisely why Wynncore, despite all that five-star/diamond talk, still hasn't made as great of a schtick as they can with Tower Suites. Fortunately for them, they're filling the rooms with enough players to not have to worry about aggressive ultra high-end marketing. Aria Sky Suites, at only 266 rooms, is in serious dire straights if their team of casino hosts and regular marketing isn't enough to fill the place.

Don't forget to breathe!

Normally in a room like that I'm just hoping I don't get picked for the jury.

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