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Steve Wynn Talks About His Balls

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 5th November 2010 11:10am
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Omg. The social pages say Steve's got the biggest balls of all!

Thanks @goon29!

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PMP! They are blown. They are choreographed. They light the water. But, most importantly, they are delightful. God bless America and God bless Steve Wynn.

"Our balls are the most delicious balls..."

haha this is awesome, something great about hearing Steve talk about balls.

This is the typs of thing that just blows others out of the water (pun not intended.) No other resort invests in these creative things.

"Sphere" or "globe" or "orb". You just know EVERYBODY involved with the production wanted to give these suggestions but feared confronting Mr. Wynn.

The blue ball is for the boy. Who knew Wynn consulted my wife on this project?

And coming to Wynn in 2011... Inspired by the silent Italian film "La Farfalla" (The Butterfly), and from the imagination of Steve Wynn, the Lake of Dreams is proud to welcome "The Fluttering Labia". Set to an original score by Eydie Gorme's niece, two glowing, pulsating skin flaps weave a tale of hope and inspiration for the young - or the young at heart.

I am so filled with delight...

Damn it, Misnomer...!
You've got to stop making me spit up my coffee with your crazy-genius posts. Don't you know the price of coffee is on the increase. Damn you.

Well who needs coffee when we can look forward to being wrapped in the warming embrace of The Butterfly....

Well thank you, Motoman, and sorry about the coffee. I hope it wasn't an eggnog latte from Starbucks, because those things are delicious. I love them more than my own children.

Don't you know the price of coffee is on the increase. Damn you.

I sure as hell do, and some of my accounts are complaining about it. Hey, it's not my fault some of the commodities speculators have caused the price of green coffee beans to go up by about 40% since June.

For the afterhours crowd, there is an alternative version of the show titled "The Fluttering Pierced Labia".......

Steve can suck my balls. Also, official name of the show on the 'Lake Of Dreams Show Schedule' is called "Dancing Orbs."

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