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Aria To Start Renting iPads

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 5th November 2010 3:22am
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Aria iPad Rentals

Here's an interesting little tidbit we've discovered... Aria is currently putting together a plan to offer iPad rentals to hotel and convention guests. We have absolutely no idea how it will work or what they might be charging, but we do know that when the program is up and running, iPads will be available for pickup from Aria's Business & Convention services. One would imagine that iPad rentals will include the price of wifi access throughout the CityCenter campus.

Definitely a very bitchin' idea although being a privacy wonk, I would demand to be there when the device's hard drive is zeroed out (twice) after I return it.

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yep, because when i'm in vegas, i want to sit there and surf the internet on half a laptop i had to rent from a casino for what i am sure will be an extortion of a rental fee.

i give them about 3 months of this before they just include the rental fee in everyone's resort fee, then give you the opportunity to "borrow" an ipad for "free" (while supplies last, of course)

So, the iPad, like the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, has all of its storage signed with a single encryption key. You can tap a single button and the entire device is wiped immediately, in a secure fashion.

But yes, I'd recommend anyone using this option either do that themselves or demand it be done in front of them.

How much do you think they'll charge? I'm thinking $49/day, including WiFi. Can I get an iTouch too?

Hell no, nobody would pay $49 a day! They'll be much less than that.

Ha! Just because they overcharge doesn't mean nobody will pay! There are some people that will pay anything for anything!

Case in point: people pay $200 for a pound of coffee that has been shit out of a Sumatran racoon's ass.

Mmmmmm.Sumatran raccoon poop coffee....

I hear it has a nutty taste........

I'm not entirely sold on the idea of renting an iPad at a hotel. However, some airlines are looking at the iPad as the delivery device for inflight entertainment via WiFi and would rent the iPad out to passengers (similar to the sort of set-up Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines has with their digEplayers).

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