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The Plan To Combat Cosmopolitan

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 4th November 2010 3:07pm
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Speaking of Aria, during the recent earnings call CEO Jim Murren alluded to "having a plan to combat Cosmopolitan." Thanks to a generous stranger we've seen the "Cosmopolitan Action Plan."

After listing off why everything at ARIA is better than Cosmo, MGM's study comes to the conclusion that having Cosmo next door will benefit ARIA's bottom line. To help maximize this they are currently developing an "intercept plan" that aims to divert foot traffic and attention from Cosmo into Crystals and ARIA. The main component of this plan is the development of a gigantic new wrap that will span the Cosmo side, front tower and promenade curves of the Harmon Hotel building.

Here's my lousy take on it.

The New Harmon Wrap

Clever or desperate?

Addressing Cosmo guests directly reads less like an invitation, and more like jilted lover trying to win back the long lost object of their affection (your wallet.) No matter what MGM is presenting to investors, the wrap and intercept signage action items prove that they are certainly concerned that Aria must be protected from Cosmopolitan's pre-opening offensive strategy. Banking Cirque du Soleil to pull people from Cosmopolitan is proven by the numbers to be a bad strategy... VivaELVIS is barely selling 50% of their seats and MGM has a gigantic database of names, resorts and guests to funnel into it. Have we finally reached Cirque du Saturation point?

Can you guess where the VivaElvis Harmon wrap is moving to? Here's a hint:

The New Harmon Wrap

Big thanks to the mystery person who slyly put the envelope marked "For Chuck" on my laptop bag at VPP. Definitely creepy... but kinda cool. Who are you?

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Comments & Discussion:

The wraps are pretty cheap for them. This is a simple but effective way to "just keep walking!" hustle people, using a building that is otherwise not going to be doing anything.

I don't think MGM is so dire to get Cosmo guests into Aria, though. They should want to get them into Bellagio, since they'll make double profit and not have to share with their foreign buddies.

Where are the putting the wrap that says "Now hiring new CEO, inquire within"

Based on MGM's documents, they are *quite* keen to get them into Aria. I'm sure Bellagio has their own version of this plan but the Aria folks are working hard to capture Cosmo foot traffic, doing direct comparisons of their restaurant offerings and trying to determine if casino cabanas are a threat to Aria's business.

MGM should hire sign spinners and strategically place them to point people in their direction. Maybe wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube guys too. Those always get my attention.

While I know CC's current situation reeks of desperateness, I can't fault them here, if anything maybe it makes Aria and Crystals not seem like it's separated from everything else on the strip. A little synergy on the strip between properties is always a good thing.(imo)

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