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Lakeside Grill : The Encorization of Wynn Las Vegas Continues

By MikeE on Wednesday, 3rd November 2010 4:27am
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Wynn Lakeside Grill Booth

I hit the booze by 11am the day of Podcast-a-Palooza and kept a constant stream throughout the day. Having said that, being surrounded by nine of my brilliant colleagues, I can't remember who so succinctly summarized Lakeside Grill: "The Encorization of Wynn Las Vegas." I'd like to say it was The Admiral. Please take credit in the comments.

Needless to say, while it was meant as criticism, I personally don't find anything wrong with that notion. This isn't a food review per se, but more of a long-winded observation into what is, in my opinion, a welcome addition to the Wynn repertoire of culinary awesomesauce.

My entree? Meh. Salty pasta smothered in so much sauce, I quickly went Jackson Pollock on a week-old Hugo Boss dress shirt. And that makes a beautiful segue to talk about the service - it was truly exceptional, especially for a restaurant literally in its second day of operation. A waiter, having witnessed the spill, immediately brought me club soda, salt, and a Tide Pen. Yes, a Tide Pen. How cool is that?

Dissatisfied with my dish, I picked at my colleagues' and quickly realized that a second trip would be in order. Their food was deeelish.

But the real standout is the décor. It's incredibly bright. Like, the kind of bright a bar gets to not so subtly tell you that it's closing time. It makes the orange and cream palette pop against black and red carpets in the back dining room. The front retains the same beautiful mosaic tiles that Boulud had. And while I heard more than a few complaints on how bright the space is, at a time when restaurants are getting dimmer and dimmer to a point where your date can have major pink monkey ass face and you wouldn't even notice it, I salute Mr. Thomas for doing the exact opposite. *Please* Wynn, keep it bright despite the inevitable criticisms.

Oh, and there's a DJ. But don't worry - I could hear conversations well across the table. A fantastic addition and twist to a fine dining restaurant. It's definitely the "Encorization" of Wynn - younger, hipper, sexier, and perfectly acceptable so long as it doesn't start happening in all the restaurants.

It should go without saying that the view looking out towards the Lake of Dreams is phenomenal and the color scheme further helps in blurring the feeling between indoor/outdoor. Something tells me that the patio of this place as a lunch option will make a killing. Hint, hint.

Despite my initial indifference, I find myself thinking more and more about the atmosphere and (friends') food at Lakeside. A return trip when the operation is running in all gears will definitely be made.

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Comments & Discussion:

1) A DJ? That's a big surprise, and since Lakeside closes no later than 11 PM, are there plans to extend hours for late night drinks and music?

Forgot 2) The photo with its blinding gold and orange is more than "incredibly bright", it's got to be jarring to the sensibilities while trying to enjoy the drink, music and conversation.

Great review Mike. I've made a note to check them out for lunch in December. Didn't chuckmonster say something about more photos would be forthcoming?

I think I did say that, yes... but then again, I often take credit for other people's brilliance so you never know.

I have a bunch of photos from dinner... Chuck took a bunch during our tour the day before. I'll be posting photos today.

Just noticed that they aren't open for lunch (boo)! Maybe they'll fill in the one unknown dinner we don't have planned as of yet.

Giant, golden Kellogg's Corn Pops.

Couple of LSG shots in my VPP gallery, including CSM classing up the place with his Iron Maiden shirt.

Shit, whoops:


Wait, how does the food rate as "deeelish" and warrant a return when you were dissatisfied with 50% of the food served?

I think that he was unsatisifed with his dish, but was pleased by the dishes his "colleagues" had ordered. You know, the whole I Wish I'd Ordered That syndrome.

I can attest to Lakeside being worth another try, despite the fact that my first impressions of the food were less than spectacular. The decor is suitably more laid back than DB, but eh, I'd take what was there over a lot of other restaurants in town.

The DJ booth is pretty much right next to the host podium and is a little awkwardly placed.

Sandy, I was unhappy with my own food and loved the samples I took of everyone else's. I won't swear off the restaurant from one bad item on the menu. I'll just make sure I won't order it again.

Wasn't that a discussion between you and I Admiral? You were the one who brought it up to the best of my remembering.

I always keep a Tide pen in my pocket. If for no other reason then to autograph dirty women.

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