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Mandarin Oriental To Dump Amore For Pinkberry

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 2nd November 2010 5:25pm
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Chess Cake at Mandarin Amore Patisserie

We're somewhat sad to report that Mandarin Oriental's bakery and sweet shop, the Amore Patisserie, will close within the next month or so to make way for the first Pinkberry on The Strip, in Las Vegas and in the entire State of Nevada.

For those who don't live near a PinkBerry, they are the Starbucks of the "as you like it" yourself frozen yogurt movement. Toppings include Captain Crunch, graham crackers, mochi, fruit, Fruity Pebbles and other sweet crunchies.

A few years ago a Pinkberry showed up on nearly every corner. A year later, about 1/3 of them closed from over expansion.

Regardless, it is checkmate time for the well heeled dorque who always wanted a chess board cake. (Raises hand.)

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Comments & Discussion:

Something NEW on the Strip? Fancy. I'll have to hit it up next time I'm out there.

Pinkberry's opening its first store in South Beach. Is it worth a 40 mile drive?

@detroit Absolutely not.

I've never heard of this place before, it seems they have very carefully avoided San Francisco, the East Bay, the North Bay, or basically anything within BART territory in their expansion plans.

I'm not going all the way to Sunnyvale to try frozen yogurt, so it's greatness I'll never know. I still never get around to seeing the SF Mandarin Oriental, either.

A Shame, but sadly not surprising, the Pastries and ice creams were excellent - but it stuck out like a Sore Thumb next to CVS and wasn't convienently acccessible from the Hotel or the rest of CC

A shame for two reason: 1. the obvious.
2. Yogurtland is better. It's all DIY, I can fill my entire cup with carob chips if I wanted to.

But seriously, Pinkberry at the MO?! Yikes.

1) Yes
2) Totally - also - flavor variety.

It had to be Pinkberry? It couldn't have been a Sprinkles?

Amore closed a while ago, it was definetly closed when we were there in early October.

I think a DQ would be a better option in the frozen dessert category.

Like SaharaLV, I'm a Yogurtland guy, though U Swirl It isn't so bad, either. I haven't tried Josie's yet, even though they've got a newish one at The District.

If they price this reasonably (i.e., not $8 for the smallest size), they'll at least get some sales volume from passers-by.

I'd love to see someone open up a real South Jersey water ice place on the Strip--maybe a Rita's franchise.

Guys, it's "Pinkberry" no capital B, they haven't closed a third of their stores, more like 3% of their stores, and they don't offer sprinkles. In fact, they only offer the most awesome toppings imaginable. And they're yogurt is like crack it's so good... not to say that I've tried crack, but if I could smoke Pinkberry... Um... nevermind.

Gonna have to side with Sahara, Miss M, and Dave on this one. Pinkberry is for the poor saps who have never experienced the true awesomeness of Yogurtland. Just yesterday had the Red Velvet Cupcake mixed with Cheesecake with bananas, Heath bar, animal crackers, and white chocolate sauce. Bring that to the Strip, dammit!

i prefer TCBY.

FWIW, there is a Yogurtland at Town Square.

Is the Coldstone still inside Excalibur? If so, yogurt will remain a poor substitute

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