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Aria Sends Schnabel's Walken Packing

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 1st November 2010 2:03am
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The gallery of spooj covered Christopher Walken photographs - ARIA's ode to Julian Schnabel's tastelessness (ever seen the hack directing job he did on the Basquiat biopic?) - has been removed from the hallway right outside of The Deuce lounge.

Before - taken minutes after the photos were hung on the day of Aria's opening:

Aria Walken Schnabel PHotos

After, taken on Friday evening:

Aria Walken Schnabel PHotos

Sayonara spooj covered Christopher Walken photographs. We eagerly await your return from the Where Are They Now? file.

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Comments & Discussion:

Even Walken's coolness couldn't stop how ridiculous they looked. I'm predicting they will continue the new look by boarding up Union when it closes.

Union, yeah. I predict they will be used as the focal room art in a "select few" of the remodeled Union Plaza rooms when it reopens in "September 2011".

Boo on Aria! I actually loved the Walken portraits. They added one of the only bits of quirkiness to a resort that takes itself waaaay too seriously. Maybe that's why Murren had hem removed, they added an element to Aria that he just isn't a fan of: fun.

That or he didn't care for "The Dead Zone", "A View to a Kill", Madonna's "Bad Girl" video, or "Kangaroo Jack".

Anyone know where these things ended up? I actually liked them.

I don't know what the deal was with them being gone, but they are currently there now (December 2013 for those of you who can't see the time / date stamp of this post) in the hallway where you enter the Deuce. That wall, and especially the temporally looking bottom of it, doesn't look familiar. My guess is they took them down when they changed/built out/or did whatever to that wall and then put them back. I think that wall is where Javier's restaurant is now. The hall where they are in front of the Deuce isn't as bright as that picture is because the Deuce would be blocking the light coming from the left. So my guess is they are now just a bit to the right of where they were back then.

I just started working at the Aria and was asking people what the deal was with these Christopher Walken portraits. Nobody has any idea and I found this site Googling for some information about them. I thought maybe they were taken with that famous to camera that people now use to be artsy. I think I learned about it from something Neil Gaiman was doing years ago and posting on his blog about. Some toy Barbie camera? Can't find a thing about it now.

Anyway, there is another picture right around the corner to the left of where the Walken pictures are of a very tall black man in a large bush. All you can see is his feet at the bottom and his head sticking out near the top. I don't immediately recognize him, but that is probably just me. Same photographer?

@joesph4th There was a follow up to the thread regarding the return of these photos to public display:


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