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The King Of Pop Kills Off The Lion King

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 28th October 2010 2:09pm
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The big story. Jungle? Pop. Paws? Gloves. Prancing? Moonwalking. Blood lust? Young lust. Disney? Cirque. Jungle juice? Jesus Juice. Elton John? Quincy Jones. African pride? African hide. Hakuna matata? Mama se mama sa ma ma koo sa.

Lion King? Out. Michael Jackson? Still dead. Cirque? Now attaching strings to a barely cooled corpse. Mandalay Bay? Probably gonna get renovated. Fontainebleau? Still closed.

Lion King closes December 2011, MJ/Cirque opens December 2013.

Here? More.


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"We keep raising prices while reducing quality, and we're still not making any money! What are we doing wrong?!"

"We strive to make all our resorts as similar as possible and people are visiting fewer and fewer of them! What could possibly be the problem!?"

I am so effing sick of Cirque. How about something unique to draw people in?

Three weeks later Harrahs announces their Cirque inspired production featuring the second king of pop, Jermaine Jackson.

I'd rather see a Latoya inspired show.

Just what Vega$ needs, another frick'n Cirque show. I guess I am in the minority enjoying Broadway style entertainment.

I'd rather see the Lion King replaced by a show based on Samuel L. Jackson. I'M TIRED OF THESE MONKEYFIGHTING LIONS ON THIS MONDAY TO FRIDAY STAGE*

*basic cable edition.

Hell, what kind of circus acts can 10-year-old boys pull off? Bouncing on a trampoline disguised as a bed? Boring!

Oh (medically bleached) brother!
I can't wait for the musical number about Jesus Juice. Maybe they can add an exhibit of the "Worlds Most Infamous Child Molesters."

Too soon?

Patton Oswalt on Cirque du Soleil:


...and on Michael Jackson:


Cirque de So GAY

I hate them. So much. Where do they find these people to dance in these shows? I'm wondering if they have a Cirque dancer trafficking ring going on in France and Eastern Europe. Promises to make a life in America, only to be shipped over here and forced to dance for hours and hours on in. I can only imagine that's what happened with the little animals at Criss Angels show.

I'm with sandyastrogl1de. I'd pay to see "Snakes on a Plane the Musical" before I'd pay to see this Cirque du Pedophile. Cirque has produced some great shows, but they're scraping the bottom of the barrel now with Cris Angel and Michael Jackson. I just saw Terry Fator at The Mirage. Never would have guessed how much I enjoyed it. If you want to see a great non-Cirque show, give him a chance.

I think Cirque has been sucked into a co-dependent relationship with MGM in Vegas that is diminishing the quality of their product. Neither they nor MGM want 7 versions of Mystere running 80 times a week within 3 miles of each other, but they have put themselves in a position where they have no alternative but to keep adding more "Cirque" shows to the Strip. Mystere is the traditional Cirque format, that you can see in their worldwide touring shows, and that is the format that built their brand. O was basically that style with a water gimmick that holds it's own, but then with Zumanity, KA, Love, and Believe they started to to creep further and further away from their core format, and incorporating more 3rd-party material (Beatles, Criss Angel, Elvis, Michael Jackson) with very mixed results.

At this rate their next Vegas show announcement will be "Cirque du Soleil and Excalibur proudly present - 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen LIVE!' Featuring all-new music by Justin Bieber and starring NASCAR's Danica Patrick as Mikaela Banes!"

Unfriggin believable - the paucity of imagination on the part of MGM is mind boggling. I enjoy Cirque- but enough is enough and this is more than enough. I was in Vegas recently and enjoyed a "non-Cirque" weekend of shows. Barry Manilow does a good show and is a consummate entertainer. I agree with the comments above about Terry Fator--GREAT show.
I enjoyed the Broadway shows in Vegas _ Both Phanthom and Jersey Boys are excellant productuins. And Jersey Boys is ceratinly different than Phanthom which is different from the Lion King and Mamma Mia etc, Cirque is basically Cirque and everyone who frequents Vegas has seen Cirque being Cirque too many times. Believe and Elvis are both struggling. And the MJ Cirque may not last a year. Why bother! The duplication of entertainment is almost as insulting to the show attending Vegas tourist as 6:5 blackjack is to the gambler.
A pox upon their house!

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