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Awesome: Cosmo Comp Club Tracks Everything

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 28th October 2010 6:05am
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MGM Resorts International hasn't done it. Wynn Resorts hasn't done it. Harrah's hasn't done it. Las Vegas Sands hasn't done it. Nobody has done it. They all talk about it like it is going to change the world of comps.

According to our buddy pal John Unwin, CEO of The Cosmopolitan, their soon to launch Identity casino comp club will be more than just that.... they are going to track every single gosh darn cent you spend - hotel, spa, dining, Art-O-Mat's and casino.

Three cheers to the Cosmopolitan for slathering on the love to those lily white non-gamblers who blow a godawful amount of money on booze and food.

I wonder if you eat slower or increase your wine consumption when the waiter comes around you'll get more "points" for your dining play. Where's that old bat with the comp advice when you need her.

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Finally a comp club will reward you for spending money in their hotel rooms, restaurants, spa, etc etc.
This alone is a strong reason for me to change my choice of where to stay when in Vegas. I just hope they know how to open a hotel with less issues than their next door neighbor had.

Harrah's Total Rewards program gives some credit for non-gaming expenditures:


They're a little vague about what constitutes an "entertainment purchase" and I also get the impression that it may vary from property to property. From personal experience, I recall getting some TR credit for a big spend at Bradley Ogden a few trips back.

More good news from Cosmo. LV Weekly just had a story about Cosmo bringing in graffiti artists to do murals in the parking garage. Venetian also gives credit for all spend.

That's cool. I dont spend every waking minute if my time in Vegas gambling so getting points for doing other things in the hotel makes this move a winner.

look forward to details.

$6000 hotel spend for grazie gold, includes room upgrades
mgm will require 200K points ($?) for room upgrades
(no idea what T&C are though)

This idea always gets hyped up a lot as being the Next Big Thing, but I'm still not clear what they are all expecting to DO with the data once they start collecting it.

Harrah's does it now, but even with their dozens of properties, their obsession with "relationship marketing", and their investment in data-mining infrastructure, they haven't been able to come up with anything more creative to do with it except arbitrarily give everyone a flat 1% comp rebate.

Spoke with somebody at Cosmo and was told that not only will they count everything towards comps...but their VP and slot machines will offer you comps on screen that you can take advantage of immediately.

Her example:
You are playing slots and it's getting near dinner time, based on your available comps the machine will pop up a message in between hands/spins and offer you a $20/$50/etc comp at a restaurant. If you accept you can then make reservations right there on the screen and then get back to gaming.

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