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Cosmo Now Granting Credit Lines!

By MikeE on Friday, 22nd October 2010 4:39am
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Even in the deepest hole of our nation's financial crisis, mediocre resorts like MGM Grand had the nerve to demand a minimum $10,000 when requesting a credit line. Give me a break! Your parent company's nearly bankrupt and you won't extend anything less? I'm uncomfortable carrying even half of that around town. Not to mention, the inconvenience of getting traveler's checks for your own safety and constantly playing password partita with the in-room safe as you organize your daily gambling allowances into envelopes.

There are plenty of fish in the city who aren't necessarily high rollers but are deserving of that peace of mind a credit line offers. Rejoice fellow mid-level to high-ish rollers! Cosmopolitan has heard your cries. Now you can apply for a credit line at Cosmo. The minimum? A mere $2,500. Interest rate? 18%

Let's just hope they're as generous with the comps as they are with granting Deutsche loans.

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$10,000 minimum??? Shows how times have changed. Ten years ago, I applied for $1,000 credit lines at most Strip properties including MGM Grand, The Mirage and Bellagio. All approved and very easy to increase if I wanted. The 18% interest must be the maximum permitted by NV law, and it's only charged if the casino can't collect. I used credit lines to avoid traveler cheques.

The "character" of the Cosmo is interesting. Going for less famous lifestyle brands, Art-o-mat vending machines... very much the whole "modern-edgy but indie-alternative" thing.

And its an interesting flavor, certainly. It wouldn't be to everyone's taste though. Still, a new experience is always welcome.

I think $10k mins on credit lines are reasonable for people who actually desire and intend to gamble ON CREDIT. If you just don't like handling that much cash, that's what front money is for.

I closed the credit lines and started doing wires at some point over a year ago, worked the same way basically. Still it was somehow a little more fun playing with someone elses money. And should things go way south, well, you can always give 'em the middle finger til you get the cash together like Charles Barkley, Joe Francis, etc.

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