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The Aria + Vdara Print Ads

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 21st October 2010 4:41pm
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In honor of Advertising Week here on VT, we're proud to present to you the complete ARIA and Vdara print campaigns as designed by local Las Vegas advertising firm SK+G.

First up is the complete set of Aria adverts (there are four not three) one of which we discussed previously.

Aria Print Advertisements
The four-part ARIA campaign is designed to communicate that the resort is located within the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, and is also the center of the city's best dining, entertainment, shopping, nightlife and spa experiences. The campaign's four key descriptors: Sophistication, Elegance, Pleasure and Attention rotate within the main tagline, "The Center of...Has Shifted." The images featured in each ad portray the stylish and exhilarating atmosphere evident throughout every aspect of ARIA. All photography was shot on location at ARIA to further showcase the resort's visually stunning architecture and design.

And here is Vdara's new ad campaign.

Aria Print Advertisements
The three-part Vdara campaign positions the hotel as an intimate boutique experience that is a welcome retreat from the city's excitement, yet is centrally located within CityCenter. The overarching brand statement of "Do Vegas Differently" is executed through "Escape/Access/Success now begins with V" rotating the first-word descriptor throughout the three ads. The campaign communicates the intimate, yet elegant, experience guests can expect at Vdara through a series of sophisticated black and white images, all shot on location at the hotel.

Success begins with a V... let's hope it doesn't end with a D. I'm also fascinated by the mash up of Vegas.com's "Do Vegas Right" and the old Apple "Think Different" campaign, but given the 'begins with a V' concept shouldn't the tag line be "Vdo Vegas Vdifferently at Vdara" ?? Also "access" doesn't mean anything to me... and I don't look to a Vegas hotel to define success for me.

I'm so tempted to photoshop a cold sore on the guy in photo #1. Couple in photo #2 are experiencing their last moment of bliss before being torched by the Vdeth ray. Couple in photo #3 are wondering where the hell the stop for Aria is on the City Center Choo-Choo.

Ok, armchair Drapers... what do you think?

Thanks to Dave702 for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Snooze. Typical MGM ad campaign in my opinion. The Vdara ads look like a host I've seen for MGM and Monte Carlo over the years, although the words are different, but the b&w with the color lettering feels old and overdone by MGM.

Aria, well what's there to say, generic Vegas ads for a generic Vegas casino. A bit sophisticated with the looks and shots, but really nothing we haven't seen before. And with the destruction of the Stardust and collapse of everything past it, making Wynn/Encore that end of the strip, I'm not surprised they are advertising it as the center (figuratively and realistically). I think the failure has been they haven't capitalized on it to this point and the fact that it's so pedestrian unfriendly they likely never will, but they've always had the opportunity to take the center from Caesars/Flamingo.

These definitely make me think of Aria. Each time I'be been there I only saw one other person.

"Center of Pleasure" is the only one of these ads that advertises the actual property in any way. I will admit that "Center of Attention" would be a great ad if it were advertising the clothes the Anonymous Bitch (I believe that is the official title for these advertisements) is wearing and not the room she is standing in.

The Vdara ads, what are they selling? And the "Success" one looks like someone did a Photoshop job on Jim Murren, shrinking his cheeks and bringing his hairline back down.

"All photography was shot on location at ARIA to further showcase the resort's visually stunning architecture and design."

They seem to be doubling down on the architecture and design aspect of Aria. I am not convinced that is a big attraction to most gamblers or Vegas visitors. I was in Aria this past weekend and it left me cold. Can a place be over-designed? Aria felt like it to me.

The Vdara ads are terrible but WTF else are they gonna do?

Don Draper would kick the ass of any staffer who came up with either campaign then smole a lot of cigarettes.

Hasn't the single-letter "V" been appropriated as the new symbol for vagina? In that context, the Vdara headlines are roaring, full-throated affirmations of universal truths, for sure, but I don't know how THAT sells anyone on a hotel whose name I still don't know how to pronounce.

Yeah, #1 is crying out for some cold sore graffiti. "herpes now begins with V."

"These definitely make me think of Aria. Each time I've been there I only saw one other person." Bwaa ha ha, Don Rickles is in the house!

"These definitely make me think of Aria. Each time I'be been there I only saw one other person."

This could be the post of the year.

Where in Aria is the staircase in the Elegance ad?

No gaming, food, or drink in any of them. These are the 3 biggest reasons I visit Vegas.

"The Center of Meh Has Shifted"

Too bad the center of the damn casino wasn't shifted about half a mile closer to the strip.

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