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Cheapskating: Circus Circus Circus Circus Circus

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 21st October 2010 2:56am
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One of my most memorable trips to Vegas included a two night stay at Circus Circus. My reason for being in Vegas had nothing to do with vacation and everything to do with Phish playing at Thomas & Mack (glow stick war at 4 minutes in!).

Being nearly destitute, I opted to stay in Circus Circus (Circi?) most luxurious accommodations - sleeping in the back of a VW Bus in their spacious parking lot. Of all the parking lots I could've chosen, I picked Circus Circus. Why? Because I was frying on LSD while driving down the Strip and wanted to hug the big neon clown. Logic AND proportion folks, logic and proportion.

Anyways, thanks to Circus Circus, I managed to live like a king on four packs of smokes, a case of Old Milwaukee, 2/3 of a ten strip of LSD and $23.45 (most of it change) thanks to my beloved, yet underpowered German Hotel on Wheels and "The Pizzeria."

The point being, should you reaaaaaaly want to go to Vegas and you are just about broke, Circus Circus will always accept you with 50 ft tall clown hugs.

Long live Circus Circus.

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And plus their fun book gives you free amusement park rides and one free chips and salsa sess along with other coupons. :)

Their Garden Grill has given me okay food and better service than I got at Vdara's Silk Road. I haven't slept in one, but I did tour a Manor room and they're not great but aren't scary accommodations, just filled with scary people.

Circus Circus is okay by me.

Circus Circus was the very first hotel I stayed in out in Vegas. 15 years old on a family vacation.....then after 2 nights we checked out and went to MGM Grand because the clientele at Circus Circus started scaring my grandparents

Finally a little positive thoughts about Circus Circus. As bad as it is, there are some really good memories in that place. Two for me.

1. The first Vegas casino, if not casino in general, I ever went into. Visited it while driving from South Dakota (home then) to LA (grandparents) on a family trip.

2. COMEDEX '98. Drunkenly leaving a hospitality suite I crashed at the Riv, stumbled across the street to the clown to play craps. I was doing OK, then I got the dice. As I don't better I was getting cleaned out as MY OWN FUCKING HANDS rolled point after point, and only made sevens on the come out. The table was esstatic as the CC dealers acted like an ATM for about 30-40 minutes as I kept rolling numbers and making points.

Fed up and down to the last of my ammo, I placed the $5 min at the Pass line after making a point. The whole fucking table roared with protest as it was effecting the table's "luck". I moved it back to my usual bet, and about 10 mintues later I finally seven'ed out.

Looking down at about $20 in chips, I debated my options as the table broke up. This greasy man at the other end of the table is literally cradling a rainbow of chips that he won my rolls. Some were colors I never saw before in my life. He flipped me a chip and said "That was an awesome roll kid". I looked down to see "Circus Circus $1000".

I went back to my hotel room. My bankroll doubled, and smile on my face from the best roll I ever had.

I spent some time at Circus Circus my very first trip to Vegas as I was staying across the street at the Riv. It was the second Vegas casino I ever ventured into and the first journey was in fact to hit Adventuredome to ride the Canyon Blaster roller coaster. I did play some craps and a few other table games along the way as well. I ventured back in the last night of my first trip for the totally stupid idea of eating at the buffet there (I was stone cold sober when I made this decision.). What can I say, rookie mistake...... But it was still better than the World's Fare Buffet at the Riv.... That journey I hit a few small wins on some slots and ventured back over to Slots-A-Fun and hit a decent win on that giant slot machine out front.

Since that trip in 2004, I've yet to return to Circus Circus because the place was so overrun with kids. I mean I saw parents playing a slot machine at the end of a row with their kids an arm's length away. I saw a mother with one hand on the slot machine and the other on the stroller (I still laugh about seeing the security guard getting onto her for having the stroller so close to the machine. As if a baby was really going to know how to play the slots.....).

I'm in the same boat as Vespajet, I visited CC my first trip to Vegas and haven't been back since. I need to check it out again though, I'm interested in seeing some of the changes MGM has in place as well.

I raw-dogged a girl I knew from college outside Circus Circus as the sun came up because we were so drunk we couldn't make it from the casino to the annex where her room was. I was 27.

Eons ago when I was in high school we took a trip to LA and someone suggested we take a ride to Vegas. We went wandering around the Strip for a short while and since I am the same height I am now I was about to pay the slots because I looked like an adult. We went to dinner and a show at Circus Circus. I cant reemeber who we saw or what we ate but then the place was clean. Now...not so much.

Great post, great stories all. Good times, good times. My kind of palate cleansers (the gritty kind) after all the high-falutin' WynnCore/CC coverage.

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