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Second Opinion: Does Cosmopolitan Love Hipsters?

By MikeE on Thursday, 21st October 2010 12:36am
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Here in Orange County, our premier shopping mall is South Coast Plaza. It's where you can buy riding boots from Ferragamo, bath robes from Frette, and hear the heartbreaking news that your left arm is longer than your right as you admit which way your schlong hangs while getting a suit made-to-measure at Giorgio Armani.

A couple blocks west of South Coast are two shopping centers, The Lab and The Camp, that strive to be the antithesis of the big money east of them. In fact, The Lab proudly boasts itself as "The Anti-Mall." Amidst beautiful grounds with cozy fire pits and hammocks randomly placed within its trees, they've got coffee shops you've probably never heard of and independent clothing stores with apparel you probably shouldn't be wearing after college. It's what Melrose is to Rodeo Drive, what Soho is to Fifth Avenue.

And that's what Cosmopolitan's retail stores will be in relation to Crystals.

If Crystals's shops are high end brands everybody has heard of but hardly anybody can afford, Cosmopolitan's sound like brands you've never heard of (and still can't afford).

Kudos to them for branching out, though. Lord knows the city doesn't need a *seventh* Louis Vuitton. I'm just hoping we don't start seeing hipsters meandering the casino floor with their sister's jeans, TOMS shoes, and condom-inspired beanies covering their homemade haircuts. If valet starts accepting bicycles, I swear to gawd I'm boycotting the place.

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Don't you have plenty of casinos that cater to the "more money/designer labels = better than" crowd anyway?

I mean, fuckin' hell, I'd kill for a hipster casino, though that's definitely not what Cosmo is going for. You can have Every Other Place In Town for an altar of the almighty dollar.


The premier place to shop where I live is the strip mall up by the highway. I can get my check cashed, buy a 12 of Miller High Life, and order take out of some very passable General Tsao's. The guy at the Dragon Palace has never asked me which way my dick hangs, but if he ever does, he's bound for a trip to the dentist, which conveniently is the anchor tennant of said strip mall.

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